Feb 13, 2019

The Crud Report: February '19

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  1. Before the troll returns, maybe we should be careful when mentioning you-know-who on these grounds, because every time he's brought up, the garbage returns, and is removed, and is posted again and so on in an endless loop. We get it, troll - you're trying to make us believe **** ******* is nothing like he is in real world.
    -sincerely, the "Jman" Burnett that did not write the pissing comment on "5 Doug Stone Parody Album Covers"
    *P.S. In one of my replies on that Steel Woods/Cody Jinks/Merle video, I wrote one of my lies - about bluegrass artist Lynn Morris smoking huge wads of pot in huge crowds - before finding out she had a stroke in 2003 that pretty much ended her performing career. I would like to apologize to the Morris family for that. I was just trying to come up with things that are as true as the junk the troll spews out, and I didn't intend to hurt Lynn's feelings by accusing her of smoking weed, let alone in huge crowds. I would also like to apologize to the Twilley family for my "Dwight is a racist" crap, and to everyone else whom I mentioned in my counterlies for any possible offense I may have caused. All I was trying to do was deter a troll. Honest!*



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