May 21, 2020

Wrasslin' Memes: Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson

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  1. While it may be alright to be "Little Bitty" (a reference to one of the Nickelback of country music's shitty bro-country songs), in the eyes of me and many of my fellow traditional country fans, it sure as hell is not alright to be a total disgrace to country music while at the same time pretending to be some sort of country traditionalist. As I've said before, Alan Jackson is as far from a country traditionalist as you can get, given that he was the one who pioneered the bro-country, metro-bro, hick-hop, and boyfriend country poisoning mainstream country today. In essence, knuckleheads like Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Sam Hunt, Kane Brown, and Dan + Shay are not only derivatives of Jackson's music but are also the apocalyptic aftermath of what Jackson (the Nickelback of country music did to this genre. And it also thanks to Jackson that pop singer Bebe Rexha's collaboration with bro-country duo Florida Georgia Line currently holds the record for the longest running number one country song at 50 weeks. And as I mentioned earlier, "Little Bitty" is no different than any other shitty bro-country trash that Alan Jackson (the Nickelback of country music) puts out. If you were to take away Jackson's vocals from the song and pass the track off as an instrumental from a Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, or Kane Brown song, hardly anyone would tell that it was actually an Alan Jackson song.

    As for Alan Jackson's alleged cover of "We Dem Boyz" ( ), the video was filmed over an Alan Jackson concert to make it look like Alan Jackson was doing a cover of Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz", while in reality, he was really playing "Remember When" while a Florida Georgia Line cover of the Wiz Khalifa song played on my two Sony stereos (Sony MHC-GX450 and Sony LBT-GPX77) in the background.




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