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Jan 18, 2023

15 Cringiest Luke Bryan Lyrics

By Trailer, with help from Bobby Peacock

Your little iPod's loaded down with Hoobastank

“Country Man”

Entire song but if I must pick one:

Shake it for the birds, shake it for the bees

Shake it for the catfish swimming down deep in the creek

"Country Girl (Shake It For Me)"

Girl you make my speakers go boom boom

"Drunk on You"

Most of the song, but to pick one:

Put in my country ride hip-hop mixtape

Little Conway, a little T-Pain, might just make it rain

"That's My Kind of Night"

You got the beautiful, I got the cooler full

"Beer in the Headlights"

Tryin' to pour a little sugar in her Dixie cup

"Play It Again"

Kick the dust up

Back it on up

Fill your cup cup

Let's tear it up up

"Kick the Dust Up"

So put your drink down, throw your camera up

Flip it around and snap a payback picture

I'll send it to my ex, and send them both a text...

"Home Alone Tonight"

Move like you do

All sexy and smooth

Like you love to

Oh girl look at you

Legs and your hips


It's like the music stopped playing when I saw your body

Did you come here with someone or come here to party (tonight)

"Out of Nowhere Girl"

She's dancing like every guy in here ain't watching her

Do her thang, make it rain, God amighty

"She's a Hot One"

That dress needs to slip off

That hair needs to come down

Friday nights need to do

What Friday nights need to do

That's the truth

"Knockin' Boots"


"Build Me a Daddy"

One more barefoot round, one more last chance to say

"Hey Se├▒orita, don't you think we need

A salt and a Chesney song?"

One margarita, two margarita, three margarita

We'll be gone

"One Margarita"

Hey cowboy, keep slingin' that rope

Eatin' that dirt, wearing that gold

Break a leg rodeo, but just don't break no bones

"Country On"

Dishonorable Mentions:

Whiskey makes my baby, a little bit frisky

"Rain is a Good Thing"

Do I turn you on at all when I kiss you baby

"Do I"

When it's tapping on the roof, ain't nothing like you

Doing what you do to me

When the lightning hits, I'll be kissing on your lips

"Bad Lovers"

If you love her like you say you do

Then why don't you love her like you say you do

'Cause I wanna love her like you say you do

"Like You Say You Do"

Maybe wreck some sheets, crash your lips into mine

"Too Drunk to Drive"

Jan 16, 2020

Tim McGraw's 15 Cringiest Lyrics

I know he didn't write these, but he picked all of the songs to record,
so there must be an issue with his discernment.

They all gather 'round my teepee
Late at night tryin' to catch a peek at me
In nothin' but my buffalo briefs
I got 'em standin' in line
“Indian Outlaw”

Farmer Johnson's daughters just pulled up in a Jeep
Man he knows how to grow 'em if ya know what I mean
"Down on the Farm"

Then you
Flipped the switch on my dumaflache
Played my piano like Liberace
"You Turn Me On"

She sits quietly there
Like water in a jar
"She's My Kind of Rain"

Back when a hoe was a hoe
Coke was a coke
And crack's what you were doing
When you were cracking jokes
Back when a screw was a screw
The wind was all that blew
And when you said I'm down with that
Well it meant you had the flu
"Back When"

I hope you both choke on a pickle
Man that would tickle me to death
"Do You Want Fries With That?"

Everybody say "Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha"
My friends are always giving me
Watches, hats, and wine
"Last Dollar (Fly Away)"

I spent fifteen hundred dollars on your damn dog's collar 
Put new spinners on your Escalade
"It's a Business Doing Pleasure With You"

She ordered us a drink
It was a purple kind of pink
She said it’s got a shot of a little bit of everything
Mellow yellow umbrella for a fella like me
"Felt Good on My Lips"

Chillin' in the back room
Hangin' with my whole crew
Sippin' on a cold brew, hey now!
"Truck Yeah"

Truck Yeah
Wanna get it jacked up yeah
Let's crank it on up yeah
"Truck Yeah"

I'm in a mexicoma
My my my my my my mexicoma

That girl, she's a party all-nighter,
A little "Funky Cold Medina," little "Strawberry Wine"-er,
That girl, she's a love gunslinger, neon j├Ągerbomb country-okie singer
"Lookin' For That Girl"

That girl she's a sugar sweet drive-by
Hold my dreams in her blue jeans, oh my
"Lookin' For That Girl"

I'm talkin' way outside with the crickets and the dogs and the ye'haws, and the grandmas
Come on, y'all know what I'm talking about
Put your mouth to the spout where the gospel comes out
Way down, way down, way down, way down, way down, way down, way down
"Way Down"


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