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May 19, 2021

Top 10 Ways to Be a TikTok Americana Artist


10. Look up “authentic” in the dictionary and then try to fake it

9. Force yourself to binge listen to Tyler Childers when you’d rather be playing Polo G and DaBaby

8. Search “Cavender’s” in your Google maps app

7. Learn to strum a few chords that can be used for just about any cliche Americana standard you choose to cover on Tik Tok

6. Be handsome, but look like you’ve been out riding fences, whatever that means

5. Take a semester off from Bucknell, grow out facial hair

4. Buy a bunch of caps at the county co-op or even better, some vintage ones off eBay

3. Learn to sing in a throaty scream: shallow people will think that’s soulful

2. Cover “Cover Me Up” so poorly that only girls who think you’re cute pretend to like it

1. Do at least one video talking shit about Kane Brown and Sam Hunt but make your Spotify plays private first


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