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Jun 30, 2016

Singer Reveals the Story Behind Smash Hit "Down on a Backroad"

Chance Reynolds, singer of current Billboard Country #1 hit "Down on a Backroad" isn't just a hunky new star, he's also a surprisingly insightful country poet. He sat down with us to tell how his debut smash came to be. We'll let Chance take it from here.

"Well, me and my co-writers, Anthony Gorley, David Dallason, Corby Luke, Chad Chaddington, Ian Whitey, Cawl Caishin,  Ben Hayseed, Rolf Bronzeman, and Chris DeBro, were sitting around in our writing office suite, just chillin'. Everybody but me was talking about stock options and which Tesla car they were thinking of buying.

I'm just starting out so I just have 500 bucks and an old Ford Ranger, so all this stuff is above my head, so I just sat there quiet and took a drink every time they passed the Ole Smoky® Harley Davidson® Road House Customs™ Moonshine.

After about an hour of them discussing their granite countertops and waiting lists for private schools, Corby finally said we should start writing a song. David wanted to do something about sex in a feed shed. Rolf wanted to do a party song about Pitbull going mudding. Nobody really liked that idea.

"Y'all like money?" asked Cawl. We all nodded. "Let's just go simple then. Chilling with your girl…. down on a backroad."

"That's f**king lit!" yelled Dallason, and we all agreed.

All of them wrote the song together because I'm new and don't know what the hell is going on other than how to super-set my squats and keep a five o'clock shadow going indefinitely. When they were through, I came up with the idea to add the bridge about oral sex, so like, it's real cool and has a double meaning… she's going "down" on a backroad. Get it? Get it? (laughs creepily) Anyhow, that's how I got my name on the songwriting credits.

The record company dug it and I could hit all the notes without much auto-tuning, so it was a go and that's the story."

It's incredible to get an eagle's eye view of the hard work and talent that goes into a modern country hit! Thanks to Chance for the peek behind the custom black apricot doors of the writing room!

At press time Chance was readying his second single, "2 Chainz and Jesus," for release.

Apr 15, 2013

Single Review: Lee Brice - Parking Lot Party

Lee Brice has gone from releasing a song that sounded like it should be a Nashville circa-2013 standard piece o' crap to putting out one that actually is. "I Drive Your Truck" was a bracing, emotional tribute to a fallen soldier that out-kicked its coverage, so to speak, and went to number one on a wave of both critical and popular acclaim.

"Parking Lot Party" is exactly what you think it is - an anthem for getting pre-sauced in the parking lot before a concert. It's a country keyword fest. Redneckism porn.
Trucks are represented:
"Tailgate buzz just a sippin' on suds"
Name-dropping occurs:
"A little Marshall Tucker on the radio"
"25 tall boys on the chill"
A nod to hip-hop hype men:
"Cause there ain't no party like the pre-party
and after the party is the after-party"
Also, "it's about time to pass that shine around," because what suburban country boy party is complete without a little "moonshine" bought at the grocery store?

It's summer single release season, so none of this is unexpected. It's a disappointment however, coming from Brice, who's proven himself a strong writer who usually steers clear of cliche. I suppose the setting (as opposed to that presumably highly-rutted farmer's pasture all the other parties happen in) makes this a little more unique, but it's really just "same song-different verse."

The fact that the tailgate party never actually proceeds into the concert venue, due to too much fun and possibly financial issues, adds one minor original turn to the story, but really, this is stock Nashville fun. There's even fake crowd noise and a radio station intro (on the album version: I haven't heard the radio mix) to take "PLP" into pure cheese territory.

Thomas Rhett, his dad, and Luke Laird also had a hand in the writing of this tune ...because of course they did.

Let's hope Brice dips back into his well of creativity on the next outing. Nothing to see here.



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