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Jun 30, 2016

Singer Reveals the Story Behind Smash Hit "Down on a Backroad"

Chance Reynolds, singer of current Billboard Country #1 hit "Down on a Backroad" isn't just a hunky new star, he's also a surprisingly insightful country poet. He sat down with us to tell how his debut smash came to be. We'll let Chance take it from here.

"Well, me and my co-writers, Anthony Gorley, David Dallason, Corby Luke, Chad Chaddington, Ian Whitey, Cawl Caishin,  Ben Hayseed, Rolf Bronzeman, and Chris DeBro, were sitting around in our writing office suite, just chillin'. Everybody but me was talking about stock options and which Tesla car they were thinking of buying.

I'm just starting out so I just have 500 bucks and an old Ford Ranger, so all this stuff is above my head, so I just sat there quiet and took a drink every time they passed the Ole Smoky® Harley Davidson® Road House Customs™ Moonshine.

After about an hour of them discussing their granite countertops and waiting lists for private schools, Corby finally said we should start writing a song. David wanted to do something about sex in a feed shed. Rolf wanted to do a party song about Pitbull going mudding. Nobody really liked that idea.

"Y'all like money?" asked Cawl. We all nodded. "Let's just go simple then. Chilling with your girl…. down on a backroad."

"That's f**king lit!" yelled Dallason, and we all agreed.

All of them wrote the song together because I'm new and don't know what the hell is going on other than how to super-set my squats and keep a five o'clock shadow going indefinitely. When they were through, I came up with the idea to add the bridge about oral sex, so like, it's real cool and has a double meaning… she's going "down" on a backroad. Get it? Get it? (laughs creepily) Anyhow, that's how I got my name on the songwriting credits.

The record company dug it and I could hit all the notes without much auto-tuning, so it was a go and that's the story."

It's incredible to get an eagle's eye view of the hard work and talent that goes into a modern country hit! Thanks to Chance for the peek behind the custom black apricot doors of the writing room!

At press time Chance was readying his second single, "2 Chainz and Jesus," for release.

Jun 28, 2016

If Dallas Davidson Had Written These Summer Classics

FTM ponders what these classic summer hits would have sounded like 
if Dallas Davidson or any of his compadres had written them...
The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer in the City
Don't care bout summer in the city
Spent my whole check on Bud Light and a Yeti
Leave town, cranking up some Diddy
Ain't it sweet to have a girl who's drunk and pretty

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime
And think of the summers chasing ass
Connect the Bluetooth and let the Beats™ Pill blast
Or plug my aux cord and let G-Eazy rhyme and put your truck
In mud, get a dip, 'cause this is summertime

Bananarama - Cruel Summer
Hot country beats
On the gravel we're swerving
Are you down?
Trying to score but
The beer got me wanting to fight
Dwight Yoakam is playing
(Wait, who is that?)
Nah, play some Gucci Mane
Getting loose in the country
This heat got her
Right out her jeans

It's a lit (lit) lit summer
Let's shoot some nudes on my phone
It's a lit (lit) lit summer
Get it on
Don Henley - Boys of Summer

Down on the farm today, I saw a deadmau5 sticker on a Chevrolet

I can see you-
Your tan lines glowin' in the sun
You got that ass dropped down and those blue Costas on, baby
And I can tell you I'll keep your number in my phone
After the bros of summer have gone

LFO - Summer Girls
(no changes)

Oct 6, 2015

Country Star Google Searches 2

Ever wonder what your favorite (or least favorite) country stars seek when they
summon the power of the all-knowing Google. Well, wonder no more!*

Chase Rice

 Cole Swindell

Dallas Davidson 

Garth Brooks 

Sam Hunt

Shooter Jennings

Tim McGraw

Toby Keith

*not real

Aug 10, 2015

Monday Morning Memes: Straight Outta Nashville Edition

As part of the promotion for the upcoming NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, Beats By Dre 
Of course, FTM had to take this idea to Nashville...

May 15, 2015

If Dallas Davidson Had Written These Americana Classics

If Dallas, or other bro-ish songwriters had penned these great Americana tunes...

Turtles All the Way Down
Every time I'm crankin' up my new green Raptor pickup truck
I'm chillin' like a villain cause I'm chromed out and so sweet and so fly
Grappler Nittos, LED, silver gearshift, and HIDs they all changed the game for me
But girl, the only thing I want's your ass tonight

Two More Bottles of Wine
Two guns on my back, tattoos lookin' fine
Haters on Twitter saying I'm out of line
But it's all right 'cause I'm so tight
And I got two more bottles of shine

Cover Me Up
So girl leave your Dukes by the bed/I'm bout to drop tha boom
Till there's an illegitimate child growing there in your womb

The Road Goes on Forever
Down farm road after midnight with some Jeremiah Weed
Drivin' drunk with a big ol' dip and Axe sprayed all over me
She's wearing those old Levis that show off suntanned skin
The bro goes on forever and the party never ends

Pancho & Lefty
Driving gravel roads my bro
Is gonna get your truck in dirt
While you wear your barbed wire tatt
And way too tight Ed Hardy shirt
You weren't your high school's smartest boy
But the most badass one it seems
You give every guy the mad-dog eyes
Never turn off your high beams

Pancho was a country boy
His Ford had flames and polished chrome
Wore his ripped-up studded jeans
To make the hotties sigh and moan
Pancho saw a bae so hot
Down at the Sonic parking lot
He stepped to her and spit some game
Took a Fireball shot

Feb 11, 2015

Blame Georgia

 Blame Georgia
(Lyric parody of South Park's "Blame Canada")

Times are strange
Our kids are getting dumb
They won't respect tradition
They just want to bang and bump

Should we blame the school system?
Or blame bad parenting?
Or should we blame the X-Box?

No, blame Georgia!

Blame Georgia!

With all their trashy tailgate songs
And the studded jeans that they've got on

Blame Georgia! Blame Georgia!

It's time these idiots got caught
It's Georgia's fault!

Don't blame me if I lose my mind
I hear that damn Brantley and Jason and Luke all the time!

And Dallas Davidson, he's from Georgia as well
By now it's time we told them all just to go to hell

Yeah, blame Georgia!

Blame Georgia!

It seems that country music just sucks
Since Georgia discovered trucks

Blame Georgia!
Blame Georgia!

That's not even real country music anyway

My son should've been a scientist or a banker just as well
But all he wants to do is roll coal and go chasing tail

Should we blame ol Waylon?
Should we blame Paycheck?
Nah, blame Tyler Hubbard and Thomas Rhett.

That's it!

Blame Georgia! Blame Georgia!

With all their douchey hick-hoppin' crap
They can leap off Wolf Pen Gap

Blame Georgia! Shame on Georgia for...
The bros, we're so bored
And yeah, for Colt Ford
The Fireball and butts must all be undone
We must shame them and send them on the run
Oh, all this shitty music must be shunned

Blame Georgia! Blame Georgia!

Don't take this too seriously, Georgians. 
Yes, we know Georgia is actually responsible for many more positives than negatives in country music. 
Just might wanna get some stuff in check in the present.

Jan 22, 2015

FTM Predicts the Lyrics: Luke Bryan - Kick the Dust Up

Yesterday, Luke Bryan announced his huge 2015 "Kick the Dust Up" tour. That's presumably the name of the forthcoming first single (or just a cut) off his next album, and it's written by our buddies Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley and Chris DeStefano (writers of the all-time classic "That's My Kind of Night"). Here is (are?) FTM's predicted lyrics for that sure-fire hit and bane of our existence for months to come.

Kick the Dust Up
©2015 FTM Satire

This ol' town is so boring and stuff
Nobody likes to get turnt up
To Schmurda and Big Sean
Well I ain't stressin' on what they say
So climb up in my pick-up bae
Let's get our cliché on

Kick the dust up
Shake your butt butt
Girl, move them haunches like a paint mixer
Tearin' up the pasture like a twister
Fill your cup up
Kick the dust up

All my bros is blowin' up my phone
Pulling up twisted on Patron
Glad they out that damn town
All them bustahs keep throwin' shade
But I just wanna get laid
So drop them cutoffs down

Kick the dust up
Shake your butt butt
Girl, bounce that thang like a jackhammer
Let's get cray cray, nah I didn't stammer
Fill your cup up
Kick the dust up

Out here where the moon hangs low
Forget about your troubles
Hangin' with thots and crankin' Coe
Babe I wanna bust yo bubble

Kick the dust up
Shake your butt butt
Girl, twerk that maker like yo name is Miley
Make my emoticon a smiley
Fill your cup up
Kick the dust up


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