Aug 28, 2018

Country TwitterFAIL: August '18

As always, offensive stuff below.


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  1. "Who is Alan Jackson lol" Well, Payton, be lucky you don't know who Alan Jackson is. After all, considering that Alan Jackson is the man who destroyed country music, making it the laughing stock it is today, his music is so terrible, it could make a deaf man cringe. Like I said, Alan Jackson made country music laughing stock it is today, which he did by both living up to multiple negative stereotypes of the genre and including bro-country tropes in his music, such as taking pride in anti-intellectual parts of country life (i.e., in his 9/11-exploiting song where he said he can't tell the difference between Iraq and Iran), beer, trucks, bare feet, mud, and NASCAR. Is Alan Jackson the godfather of bro-country/hick-hop? In other words, is water wet? But that is just scratching the surface of how much a total disgrace this Nickelback wannabe is to real country music. You know how some people think that country music is going down the drain because it is becoming too much like rock and rap? Well, you know who to blame for this? The Nickelback of country music himself - Alan Jackson. After all, I'll have you know that it was Jackson who covered multiple rap songs at his concerts, namely:
    * Akon - Don't Matter
    * Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz
    * Soulja Boy - Turn My Swag On
    * Future - Mask Off
    * Flo Rida - Whistle
    * T.I. - Whatever You Like
    * Big Sean - Dance (A$$)
    * Lil Wayne - Love Me
    * Drake - Passionfruit
    * Offset - Ric Flair Drip
    * Post Malone - White Iverson
    * Fetty Wap - Jugg
    To anyone with even a sliver of an understanding of the rich history of country music, Alan Jackson is nothing but a joke on not only country music, but also real country fans, and those legends who worked so hard to make an impression (albeit a positive one, of course) such as Willie, Waylon, Cash, Kristofferson, Loretta, All 3 Hanks, Strait, Yoakam, etc. In this day and age, real country is Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, Hank III, Whitey Morgan, and many others, not this pop-rock wannabe. I'll said it once and I'll say it again: Alan Jackson is the Nickelback of country music.
    – Jacob Lawton Tran Gaines



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