Oct 24, 2018

Country TwitterFAIL: October '18

*foul language*


  1. https://screening.mentalhealthamerica.net/screening-tools

    1. The only people who need a mental screening are those who happen to be dumb enough to believe that Alan Jackson, the soy boy who destroyed country music and groveled down like a little bitch to hip-hop and other non-country influences, is one of the good guys within country music. Hell, Alan Jackson himself needs a fucking mental screening, given that he (and his fans, of course) is delusional enough to believe that his music is "country". It should be OBVIOUS to anyone with an IQ above 90 that Alan Jackson is the man who destroyed country music, given that it was him who lived up to stereotypes of country music (see how many of these tweets unfairly stereotype country music as bad for ignorant hillbillies and vice versa) in songs like "Where I Come From", "It's Alright to Be a Redneck", and "I Still Like Bologna". And it was Jackson who had a rapper, Polow da Don, the same guy who produced Nicki Minaj's shitty 2014 song "Anaconda", produce all of his albums since 2006's "Precious Memories", and it was Jackson who covered multiple rappers including Akon, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Lil Wayne, Drake, Soulja Boy, Young Greatness, Offset, Fetty Wap, and several others at his concerts. You'd have to be pretty fucking deranged to think that Alan Jackson the talentless soy boy is anything close to traditional country music, let alone pop country. Thanks to Jackson, we have a myriad of non-country influences largely replacing traditional country sounds on mainstream country radio, to the point where a pop star (Bebe Rexha) holds the record for the longest number one country song at 47 weeks and counting. I'm not saying he's solely responsible for the destruction of country music, given that he's just a corporate puppet who will be discarded like a fucking condom as soon as the next big trend (which he helped to create) takes over mainstream country music, but if it hadn't been for him, I have no doubt the state of country music would be much better than in OTL (our timeline). The soy is overflowing in Jackson's shitty "country" "music".



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