Oct 2, 2020

Carl Outlaw, Real Country Fan, Reviews Morgan Wallen's "7 Summers"

I’m sposed too review a song from some chick named Morgan Wallen but I didn’t even listen to it. I heard she’s better than most singers on country radio (that’s like saying jock itch is the best bad thing that can happen to your crotch), but I looked at her picture and she’s ugly AF. I can’t listen to ugly chicks. 

Wait, my editor Mr. Trailer is telling me that Morgan is a dude. Well I’m still not listening. If they play it on country radio its not good, periodt point blank. If you think they play any good real country music on main stream radio, then your stupid and shouldn’t vote. If I even herd that Johnny Cash got played on a main stream station, I would stop listening too him.

I bet this Morgan person is friends with Luke Bryan, whoever that is. 

The song I’m not reviewing is called “7 Summers” and before I even read the lyrics I’m going to predict what its about. Its about how him and his boys have partied at the same pasture the last 7 years in a row and their sad that one of them is actually somehow smart enough too go off to college now. So there throwing him one last Fireball and hotties party and even bought him new truck nutz with his colleges’ logo on them as a going away gift.

You know what! I’m not even going to read the lyrics. I’ll just go own thinking that’s what the song is about and who really gives a shit anyway. 

This dude’s mullet makes me want to cut mine off and then shave my head so we don’t have anything in common. I saw a tweet saying that Morty here is saving country music. LOMFA! He couldn’t save a hard on in a whore house. I’m so tired of every time somebody isn’t rapping or doing EDM, there fans think their the second coming of Hank Williams. Nosir. Go suck an exhaust pipe. Your an idiot. This song is terrible.

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