Jul 23, 2013

In the Year 2030: July '13

Scott Borchetta again pimping the latest late-teens country-pop ingenue
and it's way creepier than ever.

Blackjack Billy enjoy a case of Old Milwaukee and fondly
recall that time they put an album out 17 years ago.

Number 1 country song is the hip-hop anthem "Slut-ass Hoe" which wasn't
even released to country radio but gained interest because the rapper casually
mentioned being from the south in the lyrics.

Shooter Jennings/Triggerman feud enters its 20th year with no sign of a truce.

A retired Ronnie Dunn lists his career regrets as follows: breaking up B&D,
that rap song in 2013, and that EDM album in 2014.

Trucks banned for environmental reasons. 
Country radio shuts down until songwriters can regroup.

Hunter Hayes' career comes to an end when his voice finally changes.

Shinedown's third country album goes double platinum.

Rascal Flatts plan reunion tour, to the delight of caterers across America.

Aging Brantley Gilbert fans dismayed to find that their sagging
BG tattoos now resemble the word "butt" in cursive.

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