Feb 25, 2016

Little Known Facts: February 2016

By Jeremy Harris and Trailer


Jason Aldean is actually at the forefront of a new plastic surgery technique known as ballooning. 

Charlie Sheen was the first member of the Florida Georgia Line fan club. 

Taylor Swift wasn't made famous by Kanye West. She was made famous by Saving Country Music.

Recently, members of Sister Hazel were asked about switching to country music. 
They replied: "We didn't; country switched to Sister Hazel". 

Country music isn't evolving, but it is working on its resume for the Darwin Awards.

With the success of his debut album, Wheeler Walker, Jr. is hoping to make 
this his last year working as a kindergarten teacher's aid.

We'd like to proudly announce the Farce the Music Country Festival! 

Kendrick Lamar was offered one million dollars to re-edit his 2015 album 
"To Pimp A Butterfly" into a country album by Curb Records.

Tyler Farr is still on vocal rest because it takes a lot of rest
to sound like a rusty tractor driving through a plate glass window factory.

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill ain't as good as it once was, but it's restructuring.

"Kane Brown, who's she?" will be the most common reply to 
We Hate Pop Country Facebook posts in 2016.

The Farce the Music Country Festival has been cancelled. Sorry.

It is offensive to use the word "freedom" around a Brantley Gilbert fan. 
Instead, choose terms like "parole" or "weekend pass."

A confused elderly man was recently removed from a Ray Wylie Hubbard show. 
The show went on as scheduled once Ray was let back in. 

A CNN exit poll shows that 67% of Donald Trump voters 
hope he picks Earl Dibbles Jr as his running mate. 

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  1. ha. ha. pretty funny..well not really since it is pretty close to the..the..uh..er..something, something..hey is it pudding time already?



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