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Jun 25, 2022

Saturday Night Music / The Pretenders / "Message of Love" (Austin City Limits)

Inspired by FX's Pistol, we give you Chrissie (the biggest talent to emerge from that limited series) and the boys in Austin. 

"Love walks in the room; everybody stand up."

~Kevin Broughton

Jun 4, 2022

Saturday Night Music / Little Feat / "Spanish Moon"

From a magical night in 1977, Little Feat -- featuring the Tower of Power Horns -- performs "Spanish Moon" in London. The band released Waiting For Columbus (arguably the best live rock album of all time) that same year, and surviving members are touring now, celebrating that record's 45th anniversary. 
~Kevin Broughton

May 7, 2022

Saturday Night Music / Rolling Stones / "Loving Cup"

From a 1972 rehearsal, The Stones perform a classic cut from their masterpiece, Exile On Main St. So maybe it's not 100 percent authentic -- we don't see Bobby Keys or any horn players, yet we hear them -- but what's better than the Glimmer Twins singing into the same microphone? Keith's harmonies aren't the purest, but they're damned sure rock 'n' roll. 

Just one drink, and I'll fall down drunk.

      -- KB

Mar 26, 2022

Saturday Night Music / Western Centuries / In Memory of Jim Miller

From their 2018 sophomore album Songs From The Deluge, here's Western Centuries performing "Wild Birds" live at KEXP. 

Jim Miller died suddenly and tragically following the kickoff show on Thursday night of the band's first tour in two years. As Jim sang of the death of his parents in the final verse, "No law on Earth can justify this crime."

So long, Space Dog. 



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