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May 16, 2024

Ryan Gosling Country Reaction Gifs

When I see Aldean on someone’s outlaw country playlist 

When you shot a man in Reno just to watch him die 

A Midland member right before walking into the combination haberdashery/pour-over coffee shop

You don’t like Wyatt Flores?

When she loves long walks on the beach, Miller High Life, and Wheeler Walker Jr.

When somebody says a Hardy cover is better than Diffie’s original 

When she hears hip-hop beats in a “country” song and immediately changes the station

And ten minutes in, just when I thought the Billy Strings song was over

How a bro-country fan accepts rejection 

“You can either sing Zach Bryan songs around the campfire with us or you can leave”

Dec 8, 2023

Luke Bryan Shifts Towards Americana to Energize Flagging Career

In his first major evolution in sound since moving from “aw shucks” pop-country to party-centric bro-country early in his career, country superstar Luke Bryan is following the money his heart. Sporting a swiftly growing beard and a messy mop of hair, Bryan spoke with us a few moments about his exploration of what he calls “a more organic, earthly sound.” [sic]

Citing an internal desire to show a more “rustical” [sic] side of himself, Luke has recruited an old adversary in Shooter Jennings to produce his new album. “Except for my Farm EPs, which weren’t really about farming, nobody’s seen that real part of me that, you know, just loves getting my hands in the dirt and also being sad about the plight of coal miners.” [sic]

“Shooter’s gonna be at the board, but he’s also gonna write with me a little,” continued Bryan. “We’re bringing in some of these new fellas like Dylan Proust, Wyatt Meloy, and Tanner Logan or whoever, and do some duets about the opioid pandemic [sic] and job loss in the Midwest; it’s gonna be so much fun!”

“I even went to the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine up in West Virginia and got a tour,” laughed Bryan. I’m pretty much an expert on coal mining now, or at least as much an expert as all those new 20 years olds singing about it.”

Bryan, who has recently gotten in minor online spats over whispers that his career is in decline, is still a major draw live, and continues to have radio hits, though at a much slower pace than his glory days of women shaking it for catfish, and boom boom under his seat or whatever the hell he sang about. He hopes this new era will keep him relevant for years to come. 

The first single from the new project, “Holler in the Holler,” is due to be dropped at mainstream radio in February, though he isn’t sure what the reception will be. “We love radio, but they aren’t always ready for someone forging a brave new path,” said Luke, sweat beads forming at the edges of his newly unkempt hair-do. “This first song’s still got some party time in it, so hopefully that will help us transition to my new totally not contrived sound, while still being a unit-moving beacon for the genre.” 

At press time, Luke was eating a gas station sausage biscuit and watching Moonshiners. 


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