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Jul 18, 2024

Robin Williams Country Reaction Gifs

When you listen to country radio for 5 minutes and it's clear AI and lots of computer programs were involved

When the board says they hired Tucker Wetmore to play at the mandatory corporate retreat

Cleaning the house and Whiskey Myers comes on shuffle

I got sea stories; they're all true

Your therapist when your girls dumps you because you wouldn't take her to see Kane Brown

Were you surprised when Post Malone went pop-country?

Listens to "In Your Love" by Tyler Childers once:

When your employer plays Sirius' The Highway over the office background music speakers

Jason Aldean at couples' therapy

Luke Bryan trying to appeal to the youths of Gen Z

Luke Combs' producer: Maybe dial it back on this next take

Jul 17, 2024

Really Dumb Country Music Reviews: Wallen, Combs, Zach Bryan, etc.

From Apple Music / iTunes

Hardy - Quit!


Morgan Wallen (w/Post Malone) (various songs/albums)

Zach Bryan (various releases)

Megan Moroney - Am I Okay?

Luke Combs (various releases)


Jul 11, 2024

Deadpool Country Reaction Gifs

When your friend has Outlaw Country and Willie’s Roadhouse saved on his stereo

Remember that terrible video where that guy rapped a George Strait song?

What Dan + Shay vocals sound like 

Don’t call him a cowboy until you see him ride

You think Jason Aldean is a country legend??

Your friend when the bar you suggested is playing Morgan Wallen

New Sturgill music tomorrow?

Something something gay coal miners Tyler Childers blah blah

Casual American Aquarium fans during “I Hope He Breaks Your Heart”

Me when the flight attendant lets some dude with an acoustic play John Mayer and Noah Kahan songs to 'entertain' the flight

Wolverine is Post Malone, Deadpool is country music 


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