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Aug 24, 2023

Armageddon Country Reaction Gifs

The movie equivalent of boyfriend country

When "Tell Lorrie I Love Her" comes on in the shuffle

How high's the water mama?
5 feet high and risin'

When somebody just called George Strait the 90s version of Morgan Wallen on Twitter

Dudes thirty seconds after hearing that Oliver Anthony song

When Jesus didn't take the wheel so you gotta go right to the top

When you went to a hick hop concert just because you thought it would be funny

How'd you know Charles Wesley Godwin was gonna get big?

When you spent last night in the arms of a girl from Louisiana and you've been 100 miles

When your kid is hem-hawing around after you requested they stop listening to Jason Aldean in your house

When country songs have hit #1 on Billboard for like 3 months in a row

Aug 11, 2023

Garth Brooks Announces Scavenger Hunt to Find the One Copy of His Next Album

Country superstar Garth Brooks recently announced the details of his 18th album (counting Christmases and Chris Gaines and whatnot), which is not his next release, but the one after the one he just announced was only being included in a new Bass Pro Shop box set. If you’re still with us, just know that we’re befuddled too. 

While many Garth fans and country music fans in general have scratched their heads at Brooks’ increasingly inaccessible music catalog, the mega-star behind country classics “Friends in Low Places” and “The Dance” intends for his 2024 album to be an even bigger enigma.

Upon a Time, Brooks’ 18th studio release (or 14th, depending on what you consider an album), will only be released as a single cassette tape, and when they say ‘single,’ they mean it. The album will be hidden somewhere in Nashville, with a scavenger hunt providing the clues for one lucky person to find the only copy of Upon a Time in existence. 

“It’s gonna be fun, kooky stuff,” smiled an ever-positive Garth. “Neat wild slick stuff.”

While slight on details, Garth did say that a signup for the contest would be posted on his Myspace page, and that clues would be delivered by SMS texts. “We try and stay hip with the youngsters and their apps so they’ll be as excited as us about the new album!” said Brooks. “The clues will be off the wall hints like ‘the best place to get rid of a heavy item you don’t need anymore,’ just silly stuff.”

The release date for Upon a Time has also not yet been announced, but is likely slated for fall of 2024. No singles will be released from the record, nor are there plans for it to be available digitally, so the eventual contest winner, who hopefully still owns a cassette player, will be the only human to hear it. Contest rules will clearly state that the album cannot be shared online nor played for friends and family by penalty of law, according to Brooks. 

At press time, Garth Brooks was in my house stealing the 2 CDs of his I own.

Jul 6, 2023

Walton Goggins Country Reaction Gifs

When somebody says Jason Aldean is their favorite country singer with a straight face

Still better than listening to Kane Brown:

When Warren Zeiders rips the tag off a mattress

When somebody says Sam Hunt is country

When somebody drops Morgan Wallen lyrics in a conversation

When I'm ranting about pop-country at the cookout and my wife tells me to tone it down

When they're arguing on Twitter about problematic country lyrics from 1974

When you walk into the party and they're playing country with snap beats

When my boss walks in while I'm making a mean Luke Bryan meme

Listens to Garth Brooks once


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