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Dec 21, 2023

Christmas Cartoon Country Reaction Gifs

When I say "Oh great, they're playing Luke Bryan Christmas songs" 

If Trace Adkins' "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" 
video was set in winter

When somebody asks me to give one good reason I don't like Jason Aldean

When you play Frosty some Charles Wesley Godwin

Hey country singer, why are you sleeping in your van between shows?

Me when people out there in the world are innocently enjoying some Dan + Shay music

When a woman asks a mainstream radio programmer to play their songs

Reading the comments after I post a Morgan Wallen meme

If a bro-country singer wrote a Christmas song

Billy Strings' Christmas party got out of hand quickly

Do you think you could ever like a Kane Brown song?

Oct 5, 2023

Transformers Country Reaction Gifs

When you notice there's a Sam Hunt show in your town soon

When you're pissed off that your Transformer isn't a squatted pickup truck

♫ Go rest high on that mountain 

The proper response to hearing "Drunk on a Plane" in 2023

Every bro-country song be like...

If your girlfriend wanted you to cut off your mullet right after Morgan Wallen cut his

If you claim you can make it through a Walker Hayes album

Zach Bryan fans when he drops some more sad high school boy poetry
*This is from Go-Bots, but I don't care*

Major label to newly signed Americana dude:
"Can you add a bridge to this song?"

When I see Aldean and Maren Morris fans going at it

Charles Wesley Godwin fans when he drops some more sad Appalachian man poetry

Sep 28, 2023

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs #74

The security guy at a Brantley Gilbert concert noticing the stank of unwashed humans

Yeah they've got something special, it's brotherly love

Zach Bryan coming up with another banger line to make college girls swoon

When I post a meme making a joke
about a non-pop-country artist

Jerry when he hears somebody call George Strait "The King"

When dad finally gets sick of your slacker roots rock and your grungy beard

What passes as a pickup line in a Cole Swindell song

Taylor Swift when she sees an attractive famous man in her general age range

Strike me down if I cut my family ties

Me if I was forced to go to a Kane Brown concert

If you're Corb Lund and you step in something, most likely...


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