Jul 22, 2013

Little Known Facts: July '13

By Jeremy Harris

Recently, Justin Moore was detained for 5 hours at a Chuck E. Cheese's while 
management searched for an adult with a matching hand stamp.

Tasteofcountry.com offers neither taste, nor country as the name would imply it should.

Darius Rucker was originally scheduled to be on the cover of the current Rolling Stone magazine but was removed due to his version of "Wagon Wheel" being so polarizing.

MySpace is being relaunched so there can be one social media site
without a Shooter/Trigger feud.

The part of Stephen in Django Unchained was originally written for Robert Earl Reed.

Taylor Swift's grandmother makes annoying surprised faces when she wins at bingo.

If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all. Therefore, there will not 
be a Blackjack Billy Little Known Fact this month.

Plans for a Dallas Moore talking doll were scrapped when designers
realized the manufacturing cost would be too high due to the amount of memory required
to hold all of the catchphrases Dallas uses daily.

If Brantley Gilbert could read he would hate this website.

Baby this a fact and it be written by Florida Georgia Line.

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