Jun 21, 2018

WWE Country Reactions Gifs 31

What do you want to do here at Farce the Music?

You should listen to the new Upchurch album.
He's way better than most hick-hop.

When somebody says they're going to get us shut down for being mean to their favorite artist.

Why does anybody like Walker Hayes' music?

FGL said their new song is reminiscent of Alan Jackson

When your friend turned on some Luke Bryan in the car

What to say if anybody tries to talk to you about the Kane Brown concert they went to

When some dude tells you all country music sucks while y'all are at the top of a ladder

1 comment:

  1. FGL says their new song is reminiscent of Alan Jackson, and they are clearly telling the truth, what's to laugh at that? Both are a disgrace to country music, their music being not even close to real country music, but instead a weird mix of hip-hop and hair metal. And speaking of hip-hop, Alan is even worse than FGL, having a fucking RAPPER, Polow da Don, the same guy who produced Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" prouce every single song of his since 2008. Of course, we all know Jackson covered Akon’s “Don’t Matter”, Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boyz”, Shaquille O Neal's “(I Know I Got) Skillz”, Lil Wayne's "Love Me", Future's "Mask Off", and Big Sean's "Dance (A$$)" in concert. What I need to say about this clown has already been said - not only is he not country, he is the biggest disgrace to genre, reaching so many new lows, somebody needs to call James Cameron for a Titanic sequel/spinoff. Even if he isn't the man who was solely responsible for having destroyed real country music, he sure as hell had a major hand in it. Alan Jackson, please go back to working for Taco Bell.
    P.S. - His rendition of "Standing On the Promises of God" gave me diarrhea when I accidentally heard it on the radio today. Wouldn't be surprised if Polow da Don also produced that shit show of a song as well, considering Polow has produced most of Jackson's piece of shit songs after 2008.
    – Jacob Lawton Tran Gaines



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