Oct 31, 2018

Country Horror Album Covers 2018


  1. You what is even more horrific than any of these? Alan Jackson's entire discography. Thanks to that soy boy, country music is stereotyped as being made for racist, cousin-fucking, bigoted, libertarian redneck trailer trash. And all the while, traditional country is being replace within mainstream country by hip-hop, R&B, sertanejo, hair metal, and other obviously non-country influences, to the point where a pop singer (Bebe Rexha) now holds the record for the longest running number one country song. Gee, thanks, Alan. But no thanks. What's the most horrific thing about Alan Jackson's piece of shit discography is that it's so fucking obvious that he is the one who spearheaded this destruction of country music. From having a fucking RAPPER (Polow da Don, more on that later) produce his "music", to covering rappers (especially Akon, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Soulja Boy, Big Sean, and T.I.) at his concerts along with ABBA's "Super Trouper", Alan Jackson has done irreversible damage to country music. That itself is scarier than the any of these parodies. The real life version of zombies, i.e, Alan Jackson fans, can sit back and say, with a straight face, that their idol is some sort of "traditional country savior", but the evidence points the other way. The only country horror albums IRL are basically every album that Alan Jackson has ever produced. Every album that Alan Jackson puts out is like another death blow to country music and its integrity. And it only got worse after the mid-2000s, when somehow, this soy boy found a way to disgrace country music even further than he already did, something previously said to have been impossible, by having RAPPER Polow da Don (the same guy who produced the monstrosity that is Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda", and has worked with other rappers like Nelly, Travis Scott, Rich Boy, and Gucci Mane) produce his "music". With this in mind, perhaps something to relieve the horror, despite it being Halloween, would be to put on your favorite Tyler Childers, Cody Jinks, Eric Church, Sturgill Simpson, or Hank III album and ponder about what it would have been like had Alan Jackson never been born. Country rap might've never gone mainstream, bro-country and metro-bro would be more universally laughed at, and country music would be more respected by those outside of the genre. If only...



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