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Jan 20, 2024

May 18, 2023

Judge Judy Country Reaction Gifs

When you listen to a song on the country chart and there's no twang, but there’s programmed beats, and no story.

When Wallen rules the charts for another week

Oh, Train and Parmalee are playing a show here?

Hey who remembers Pinmonkey?

When you find a bunch of autographed Sam Hunt 8x10s

Me opening Facebook to read the comments after my latest Hardy meme

“What are the chances you’ll go see Jason Aldean with me?”

Every time Kane Brown says he's going "back to his roots"

🎶I'm the fool in love with the fool that's still in love with you🎶

Jun 7, 2012

Lower Broadway Country Bar Cover Singer - A New Meme

New meme alert, and this time, it's a Farce the Music exclusive. Thanks to @truersound, the guy who used to run this great blog before he let the weeds grow up through the '85 Dodge on blocks, for coming up with this idea and 2 of the 3 memes. Here is "Lower Broadway Country Bar Cover Singer."


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