Feb 21, 2013

Little Known Facts: Feb. '13


Re-entry to a Brantley Gilbert concert is only allowed if you've had your lower back stamped.

When traveling to Scotty McCreery's house you must travel over a bridge, 
but only after correctly answering Scotty's riddle.

Joe Diffie has spent all of his career earnings attempting to build a time machine 
to prevent himself from starting the truck song craze.

Your mom likes that one Luke Bryan song.

The band Fifth On The Floor was first discovered when Shooter Jennings 
climbed a bean stalk that led to the home of lead singer Justin Wells.

If golf celebrated mediocrity as much as country radio, Colt Ford would still be a golfer.

Everything on Justin Moore's tourbus is miniaturized for his ease of use.

eBay item #170992608018 is for the rights to roll Willie Nelson up and smoke him when he dies.

Jason Aldean DOES NOT have herpes. Word on the street however is that he has a few sores 
that pop up once a month on his genitalia but he DOES NOT have herpes.

Long brown hooded robes and torches are required work apparel at 
Big Machine Records except on Satanic Fridays.

1990's country star Ty Herndon now lives in a monastery in the Swiss Alps.

*Most of this, including the shot of Justin Wells and Shooter Jennings, by Jeremy Harris.

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