Jan 7, 2014

Fun With Google Search Autofill (Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, etc)

Some would say...

No, but he's begging the guys to expand to Florida-Georgia-Carolina Line.

I'd tend to agree.

Um, could you not have used the image search to determine for yourself?

That's a new one.

Maybe, but Doug Supernaw most definitely is.

I'm not saying a word.

These first two searches were traced back to rural Georgia.

Again, not saying a word...

Actually, Kenny Rogers died in 1996 and was replaced by a mannequin.

Yes, but his fans can't.


  1. I don't want to know what's in your head with regards to Taylor Swift! ;)

    You should add references to Billy Currington and Chris Cagle's lives of crime! ;)

  2. Those are real searches. No Photoshop involved, except for the highlighting. -Trailer



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