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Jun 16, 2016

Fun With Google Searches: Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, FGL, etc.

These are the actual results (or autocomplete options) from Google searches

Nope. Not commenting on this one.

He's definitely not, but some of his songs will certainly make YOU dumber.

Bad.... ass! Am I right? No? Okay.

Sorry Wheeler.

The eternal mystery.

Some of his single choices recently may have lead to this search.

Jan 7, 2014

Fun With Google Search Autofill (Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, etc)

Some would say...

No, but he's begging the guys to expand to Florida-Georgia-Carolina Line.

I'd tend to agree.

Um, could you not have used the image search to determine for yourself?

That's a new one.

Maybe, but Doug Supernaw most definitely is.

I'm not saying a word.

These first two searches were traced back to rural Georgia.

Again, not saying a word...

Actually, Kenny Rogers died in 1996 and was replaced by a mannequin.

Yes, but his fans can't.

Jul 30, 2013


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