Jan 2, 2014

Worst Country Songs of 2013

I've already talked enough trash about most of the following songs in 2013, so here are the worst country songs of 2013, presented without comment.


  1. Couldn't agree more overall.

    The only changes I would make is replacing "1994" (it was released in 2012 and this is a Worst Country SONGS list) with "Tippin' Point" by Dallas Smith, and Eric Church's "The Outsiders" (I don't love the song and should never have been shoved down the throats of country listeners instead of hard rock radio, but don't think it's deserving of "Worst Of" dishonors personally) with Montgomery Gentry's "Titty's Beer".

    Couldn't have called them out better otherwise!

    1. Actually noah 1994 was released on march 11 2013 check it out on wikipedia and by the way george bush probably thought dallas was also a major league asshole haha

  2. I definitely agree because number five artist and number six and nine are obama supporters those ass clowns never loved country music especially that kipp more and that justina more them two are fake and not to mention rice he sucks because who puts the evil handicapped robot voice on a country song with new wave grooves that there definitely is an endorsement of democrats but in 2005 or at the end of 2004 they took over country music just as number eight duet artist did with tim with 'over and 'over and later tim made a song early this year that DAMN SURE made speakers BOOM with 'looking for that girl' twitter was outraged to hear that song be part of country but personally that one didn't matter to me about the issues but if there's one thing that annoys the hell out of me its how jason says joe diffes name on 1994 I mean the song sounds okay but he made everybody go ape shit hearing how does the song but I remember in a poster that the lyrics were made up saying instead of hop in this truck aka time machine it said should've stuck my pecker in her jeans must have been talking about his ex wife no wonder people spread rumors today as for the rest of the songs well not sure if I've heard of the band from number 4 and 7 but number 1 and 2 seem alright ;-/ but eric church should not get too cocky with the riders and fighters and tires and arthritis words used as lyrics for the outsiders it sounds more like rock than country and he can do better just wish cash was still alive today so he can teach these dumbass kids REAL PURE COUNTRY MUSIC MMPH hot damn!



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