Nov 12, 2014

Little Known Facts: November '14

 Taylor Swift actually pulled her music from Spotify because they 
refused to deliver her royalty payments in gold bullion.

After reading the bio for Florida Georgia Line, 
Ray Wylie Hubbard has decided to drop his last name.

Luke Bryan celebrated his CMA Entertainer of the Year victory by drinking 
Smirnoff Ice from his John Denver tumbler, wearing a Ronnie Milsap t-shirt.

Sam Hunt is so country, the first song he remembers loving 
is "Cotton-Eyed Joe" (the Rednex dance remix).

While Kacey Musgraves may be the most recent, Conway Twitty will always 
be known as the first panty dropper to perform with Loretta Lynn.

Thanks to the rising popularity of Brantley Gilbert, the name 'Brantley' 
has risen to number one on the list of misspelled baby names for 2014.

Sturgill Simpson doesn't have to do hard drugs anymore. 
He already did so many that they're still in his system.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel decided to cancel an upcoming Keith Urban concert at U.S. 
Cellular Field because of concerns of violence giving the city's south side a bad reputation.

Kimberly from Little Big Town gets her hair done at 
Kristine's Pet Grooming before every awards show.

When Shooter Jennings visits Hattie B's Hot Chicken in Nashville, 
they always bring him the usual: a booster seat.

Wynonna Judd recently settled out of court on a copyright 
infringement lawsuit case against Tan Mom.

Jason Aldean has legally committed to an upcoming tour with Kenny Chesney 
but is secretly considering a tour with a younger, skankier artist.

Toby Keith's tour rider calls for a case of Budweiser and a cold cuts tray. 
Miranda Lambert's requires bottled water, a veggie tray and soft towels. 
Chase Rice's calls for 6 Four Lokos and a stripper.

By Trailer & Jeremy Harris

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