Apr 8, 2016

Little Known Facts: April '16

The average Kane Brown fan is 14, female and has horrible taste in music. 

Shooter Jennings decided to release Countach after 
it was rejected as the soundtrack to Pixels. 

Jason Aldean submitted his own fact to Farce but it was too racist to post. 

Dan + Shay were disappointed to recently discover that Five Guys was just a restaurant. 

Thanks to his performance in "I Saw The Light," Tom Hiddleston has been 
offered a position at the Hank Williams Museum, as a cashier. 

Wheeler Walker Jr had to miss the ACM Awards due to it being 
on a Sunday and interfering with him going to church. 

Jason Aldean's fact will be posted in the comments section 
of an upcoming We Hate Pop Country Facebook post. 

The iTunes deluxe version of the new Sturgill Simpson album 
contains a cover of the Teletubbies theme song. 

The 'K' in 'Known' keeps Florida Georgia Line fans from ever 
finding "facts" posted here about the duo. 

Posting anything related to Donald Trump causes higher than normal traffic to visit farcethemusic.com

Brantley Gilbert is Roman Reigns' favorite live act. 

Jason Isbell was the second choice for Brian Johnson's AC/DC replacement. 

One of the requirements to work at Farce The Music is a complete lack of shame. 
Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump

All of these by Jeremy Harris

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  1. "Brantley Gilbert is Roman Reigns' favorite live act."

    Beliieee dat!



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