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Sep 29, 2011

Snap Judgments: Promo Only Country Radio September '11

Promo Only Country Radio September 2011
(click the titles to hear the songs)

George Strait – Here for A Good Time 2:57
A solid single from ol' King George. It incorporates partying and a little philosophy with relative ease. It also exudes all the charm Strait is known for. Nothing earth-shattering but a strong tune.

Brett Eldredge – It Ain’t Gotta Be Love 3:04
What a voice. As long as this guy selects/writes good songs, he's going to be good for the genre. This is a catchy track. Mid-tempo rocker about a one night stand ...or one weekend stand, anyway. I'd rather hear this than most of what's on the radio these days.

Montgomery Gentry – Where I Come from 3:20
Same song, new verses. Stock Montgomery Gentry tune. Thankfully, that at least means some twang, steel guitar and some of the trappings of what country should sound like. Of course that also means rocking and strutting. "Where I Come From" is pretty much "My Town Part 2." Not bad and it'll probably get them back on the radio but really.... can't we get some new freaking subject matter on the radio?

Sawyer Brown – Smokin’ Hot Wife 3:10
I smell cheese before this even starts. It sounds like a Bellamy Brothers song right off the bat, which I would prefer. Hmm, no this isn't good. It reminds me of some other song that I can't recall at the moment, but I'm pretty sure it's a direct rip-off of that song. This is worse than bad Buffett, and that's saying something.

Robin Meade – Dirty Laundry 4:17
I'm not expecting much from the CNN news caster... and oh shit, it's a cover of Don Henley. This is awful. Not as spectacularly bad as that Chenoweth chick's foray into country, but it's in that league. Make it stop. Robin, stick to your day job.

Danny Gokey – Second Hand Heart 3:42
Go away, Danny. I'm as tired of looking at you as I am Jared at Subway. Holy crap, this sounds JUST like Dave Matthews Band's "Crash" at the beginning. Unfortunately, it gets worse from there. Lots of shout-singing. I don't like it. Go away, Danny.

Keith Urban – Long Hot Summer (Venti Mix) 4:31
Ooh, venti mix. Does that mean we get to hear lots of Keith shredding at the end? His timing is way off... hell, summer's even over here in the deep south. Keith's in his usual groove here... driving tune with a little banjo plucking in the background. Female friendly, anthemic. His schtick. Not memorable.

Craig Morgan – This Ole Boy 3:20
Craig probably stole this one from Blake Shelton. Sounds just like one of his sure-shot mindless hits. Okay, I suppose but I'm bored with this. Morgan better pray this catches on. He's teetering on the edge of being relegated to the Country Tailgate Tour with some 90's hat acts if he doesn't get a hit soon.

Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly 4:19
Well, it sounds like a Taylor Swift song. Ms. Swift is most certainly NOT like a box of chocolates. She certainly knows how to craft a vaguely country pop tune that's sweet on the ears. Nothing more, nothing less. The gals 12-25 will love it.

Blake Shelton – God Gave Me You 3:47
The least country song Shelton's ever put out (maybe aside from "Home?"). It's a fairly catchy power ballad, but it's also pretty standard fare aimed at the soccer mom demographic. It's a radio programmer's wet dream.

Rock riff. Attitude. Testosterone. The gates are open, y'all. The Aldean copycats are lined up from here to Athens and Nashville's herding them in. No thank you.

Alan Jackson – Long Way to Go 3:39
I want to like this a lot more than I actually do. It's not bad, mind you, but it sounds like too many AJ songs that came before it. Still, you can't complain too much about "Long Way to Go" filling up airspace that might otherwise be dedicated to some up and coming pop country poser.

Billy Ray Cyrus – Runway Lights 3:40
If BRC had chosen some better songs throughout his career, he could have been a lot more than a punch line. He's got a strong, distinctive voice that deserves good material. This is a military-related tune, but for the most part, it doesn't dip too far into the flag-waving of most songs of this ilk. It's personal and relateable. It's also got a heavy Springsteen vibe. Not bad.

Martina McBride – I’m Gonna Love You Through It 3:44
Yay, another cancer song. Well, this is country music after all. Martina sounds good here, though kinda Leann Rimes-esque in spots. Hmm, just remembered October is breast cancer awareness month. That's a great cause but the calculated release time rubs me wrong. The overwroughtness also.

Ashton Shepherd – Where Country Grows 3:11
I love Ashton's voice and the fact that she's very traditional sounding. However, I can't be a hypocrite here. This is YET ANOTHER COUNTRY LISTING SONG. Sigh.

Steel Magnolia – Without You 3:26
Did this accidentally get put on here when it was actually intended for the Adult Contemporary promo only disc? I half expect Sting or Train to come on next. This is pleasant enough, I suppose but just not what I want out of country radio. This group lacks excitement.

Jeff Bridges – What A Little Bit of Love Can Do 3:35
This sounds different than the crap he's put out lately. Oh... Jeff Bridges.. not Jeff Bates. My bad. Catchy, bouncy, cool song. I love this but it's pointless sending it out to radio. Nashville likes glitter not gruffness.

Johnny Patton – Save the Jukebox 2:58
Ooh, this is a throwback. Sounds like a cross between Johnny Paycheck and Billy Joe Shaver. You could tell me it was recorded in the 70's and I'd believe you. Good stuff! No chance at radio, but we can dream.

David Adam Byrnes – She Only Wanted Flowers 3:47
Sounds like something from the 90's from the start. That's a good thing. Good voice, cool harmonies with another male voice. I dig this. Guys like this and Justin Haigh give me hope. Thumbs up.

Jim Quick – Down South
Delbert McClinton-esque. It's pretty catchy, but way too standard bar band fare to ever make it to the radio. Production is a weak suit here too.

Jul 25, 2010

Review Fails

I like to review songs and album as much as the next blogger, but sometimes it's just more fun to sit back and let the (ir)regular music fans do it... (these are actual unedited listener reviews culled from iTunes)

Dumbest and talentless song ever!!!!
(1 Star)
by MCspears
The stupidest song I have ever heard! Retarded! 5 year olds can write this song!!! No talent!

(5 Stars)
by SODMG, Inc.
all you haters should be ashamed of yourself. If you don't like it go listen to something else you racist no lifes!!! Go put in a gay rock album or something. leave soulja boy alone u make me sick.
PRETTY BOY SWAG is a good song if you don't like it don't click on it and waste valuable time trying to generate negative energy. no life racist.

(album review referring to the hit song "Use Somebody")
(1 Star)
by Jddfdf
THey copied brooke white she came out with an album 1 month before they did and had the same song.

(album review referring to her cover of "Use Somebody")
(1 Star)
by jaimiexcore
why would anyone ruin "use somebody" by kings of leon? ugh. ;/

The next Garth
(5 Stars)
by Voller82
It's cute and catchy and reminds me of the kind of music Garth Brooks did. I think Mr. Sarver has great potential to surpas Garth and this song is exactly why I think it. His vocals couldn't be purer. His soul shines right through the song and accentuates the words with meaning and a power that makes you grin from ear to ear.

How can u not lik it
(5 Stars)
by Luv4Allison
this is an abselutly aaamazing song im in shock that people dont lik it and danny didnt hav an any where near horrible apperance on ai what r u peeps talkin about u guys r CRAZY

Wow His Back Thank God
(5 Stars)
by J. Howell
This song rocks, i mean i loved his first album an can't wait to get his new one hopefully it comes out soon CAN'T WAIT, ALSO EVERYONE LISTEN TO LONESTAR'S NEW ALBUM IT ALSO ROCKS

(1 Star)
by manda:
White girls shouldn't sing all her songs sound the dam same with that annoying voice of hers.

Amazingly Awesome!
(5 Stars)
by GrimmjowCreedDiskence
Montgomery Gentry never seize to Amaze me! I listen to rock music mostly but Montgomery Gentry is one of the only country groups I will listen to. This is the reason why!

(1 Star)
by drycounty12
i cant believe this is what counrty has come to...t-pian can do it but not these guys

Love it
(5 Stars)
by Honda_Dirt_Biker_1023
Some people are accusing them of not being true to country music, but they never sent that message. You cant help but laugh at the names of the songs, the idea of using popular terms like "Make it Rain" and "Ridin' Dirty", i think that is hilarious and unique to these guys. They are not for the people who love traditional, Garth Brooks or even Tim McGraw like country. But if you are willing to take a risk, and give them a try, i know you will not be dissapointed. Its got a good beat, good lyrics, and good sound in general. I love the autotune too lol, that is just great! It's what caught my attention on the radio the first time i heard it.

Weezy ain't on his level
(5 Stars)
by ATX Soldier
Alright first of all he didn't get his name from candy his name us Marshal Mathers second he kills the track the chorus is a little on edge but it's good eminem I rebuiling his empire on top or the rap game

(1 Star)
by P0wn4g3x
...Just a white boy trying to act black

(1 Star)
by ??
complet trash, how did this get number one, there r just way to may cuse words

Apr 11, 2010

Country Doppelgängers

Inspired by Rita Ballou's hilarious recurring Texas music doppelgangers, here are a few of my own. Sorry, no wonderfully snarky gossip between entries; I don't have any inside sources. :)

I've always thought Eric Church and former WCW World Champion David Arquette looked a lot alike.

The only real resemblance between Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum and Snooki of Jersey Shore is the pouf, but it's good enough for me!

Worry "warsher" Luke Bryan and star of annoying AT&T commercials and Idiocracy, Luke Wilson.

Here's a no-brainer. Miranda Lambert and Emilie De Ravin of Lost.

Stone country traditionalist Danny Gokey and MC Serch of early 90s rap group 3rd Bass. (Yes, there were good caucasian rappers before Eminem)

Here's another no-doubter.


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