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Mar 20, 2012

reviewFAIL 3-20-12

Brantley Gilbert's cover of (the far more talented) Sean McConnell's "Lie Baby Lie"

Kip Moore - Somethin' 'Bout a Truck

Dec 2, 2010

Review Fail IV

I like to review songs and album as much as the next blogger, but sometimes it's just more fun to sit back and let the (ir)regular music fans do it...
(Actual unedited (except for space on occasion) iTunes reviews)

Gwynneth Paltrow - Country Strong

Great song!
(5 Stars)
by Ash33333
Everyone she is not becoming a country singer she played one in a movie. So for everyone who is freaking out about the state of Nashville today calm down, and go see the movie it's about the ups and downs of the industry so you may like it. And the song itself is good.
(4 Stars)
by Sallyjoflundersenthethird
To whoever said Nashville was a state:

That was funny, you made me laugh.
Nashville is a city, sweetie. The capital of Tennessee. :)
State of Nasvhille?
(3 Stars)
by lksdgd
Pretty sure they were talking about the "state of Nashville" meaning the condition of Nashville, "Honey".


Justin Moore - s/t album

Best CD
(5 Stars)
by Samjam1210
This is country at it's finest, Justin Moore is going to be the next George strait. All the songs are good on this album!!
Woa....*Girlish squeel*......Drooooool......This guy is gawjuz!!!!
(4 Stars)
by *ThatReviewerChickWhoHeartsChuckBass*
Omgomgomgomg! I almost fainted when i saw this guys face!!! he is sooooo hot!!! ok i like his songs. they are fun, but origional!Which is great!!!His voice kinda sounds like a few other artists, but besides that, the guys got talent!!impressive justin! ;D


Soulja Boy - Blowing Me Kisses

(1 Star)
by 1511561651


Ron White - Drunk in Public

this is ok
(4 Stars)
by laxin54
this is ok but hes not as funny as dane cook


Jamey Johnson - The Guitar Song

Taylor Swift is waaaaaay better
(1 Star)
by Tom Bradly
Srsly who likes this retardation ???
that's NOT country
Taylor Swift is the REAL country artist
worst album ever
can't wait for Speak Now
boring!! pillow music!!
(1 Star)
by Ilikerealmusicnotthiscrap
Is everyone who reviewed this cd deaf? How could anyone like this cd? I got my cd free (thank god) What the hell happened to the old Jamey Johnson? This cd will put you to sleep. I only like 3 out of 25 songs. This has to be the worst country cd this year! jason aldean, justin moore and kevin fowler are REAL country singers. Jamey Johnson sold out. what happened to songs like "redneck side of me" & "ray ray's juke joint"? Now he sings stupid songs like "baby don't cry" & "macon"--WTF?. I used to like Jamey Johnson but now I wouldn't walk across the street to see him. Some people call this Real country music. I call this put me to sleep pillow music. I bet this cd will NEVER have a #1 hit. I'm going to use my cd's as beer coster's while I listen to REAL country singers who sing REAL country music, not one's that put me in a coma like this crap. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Sep 9, 2010

Review Fail III

I like to review songs and album as much as the next blogger, but sometimes it's just more fun to sit back and let the (ir)regular music fans do it...
(Actual unedited (except for space on occasion) iTunes reviews)


Jamey Johnson - Front Porch Swing Afternoon
(1 Star)
by Red DirTMUSIC
once again Jamey Johnson proved that he can not sing. but then again he does fit in with the rest of the singer/songwriters in nashville who have steadily butchered country music with thier flash and skinny jeans.

John Rich - Country Done Come to Town (video)
(5 Stars)

Billy Currington - Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer
(1 Star)
by sYn666
Another song about how he got AIDS from that h+mo Kenny chestnut-in-ur-butt......

Gucci Mane - Gucci Time (feat. Swizz Beatz)
classic song
(5 Stars)
by kinghatter
classic songs classic mixtapes gucci the greatest rapper of all time f what hatters think BURR BURR BURR

Trace Adkins - Cowboy's Back in Town
(1 Star)
by ShowChoirTenor
sing about roughing up a ladies slapping grandmas and hold my beer im drunk seriously!

Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed
(1 Star)
by Bobolina4747
She went from to lik a kid artist to lik a mini britney

Jerrod Neimann - Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury (I'd actually put this one in the win column if they knew how to spell)
Album cover...?
(1 Star)
by ajskdlfjasdklfjkl;sfasd
What is he looking at? Is he a ginacologist?

Laura Bell Bundy - Achin' & Shakin'
(5 Stars)
by Cowgirl4ever
I don't know who u think u r but u have no right to say that about LBB cuz she is a great artist! She may not be old country but she still is country! You try to sing as good as her! Ya that's what I thought.....

The Roots - How I Got Over
Are You Serious????
(1 Star)
by Supa Cool 808
Who do these people think they are exactly...the're definatly not a hip hop group...if these people think the're making hip hop music the're wrong. If u want some real hip hop go check out WEBBIE!!!

Lil Wayne - Right Above It (feat. Drake)
First I was the first person to listen to this
(5 Stars)
by Mondragon force
Man this song is old it got leaked long ago, free my boi wezzy ya heard the song is good not best but good, life is a bi@@ play in the sand hahahahaha

Jessie James - Boys in Summer
i like nickelback!!!
(1 Star)
by nickelback girl!!!
If you people want a good summer anthem, try Nickelback's "This Afternoon". It rox, this doesn't.

Chelsea Fields - Things I Should've Said
Chelsea is taking over!!!!
(5 Stars)
by jessakajar
Chelsea's song Things I Should've Said is amazing! It is so addicating!!! I can't stop listening to it. Also the dance version makes me happy on the dance floor! I can't wait to hear more. She will soon be up with artist like Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum, and many more... Watch out!!! Biggest Fan!!!!

Dane Cook - ISolated INcident (Deluxe Version)
Hysterical as always
(5 Stars)
by MW Chief
This is comedy at its purest! I'm a big DC fan and I've been listening to him for about 3 years now, and this stuff is hysterical. I couldnt breathe from laughter while listening to "Big Shot", I had to hold my ribs and everything to keep myself from dying of laughter, THATS how funny it was.

Aug 11, 2010

Review Fails II

I like to review songs and album as much as the next blogger, but sometimes it's just more fun to sit back and let the (ir)regular music fans do it...
These are actual unedited iTunes customer reviews.

best song out
(5 Stars)
by mwilliams141414
This is the best song he's ever wrote, no questions asked!

Taylor Swift used to be good...
(1 Star)
...But now she has become terrible. No longer the next Lucinda Williams.


Carrie blows Tay out of the water!!
(1 Star)
by Carriegurll
Carried Underwood for life :)

Yall failures
(5 Stars)
by Ain't KnowBody Cares
Soulja boy tell em to me is i look at what he is doing i like to see people hate on artist it makes yall failures to yourself showin what yall lack on doin the way yall hate soulja boy keeps hittin da streets wit his swagg so keep your b******t to yourself and just enjoy keepin your mouth shut on artist who is makin money and just doin them

One of the Best!
(5 stars)
by Goodtunesfan
I have seen these guys live with Motley Crue and they are fantastic. If you where rating a band for being a BAND, then these guys are better than GNR ever where. The musician ship is un-herad of in this form of music. Great album and one of their best.

(1 Star)
by EminemRules27
Don't buy!!!


(1 Star)
by Lebron James#1
he is gay


I'd rather do meth then listen to this
(1 Star)
by me3955644354165
This is the worst cd ever created. I would rather put a small animal in my butt and let it crawl around then listen to this. Dont waste your money on this when u can buy cocaine on the corner and ruin ur body the same way this will. I would rather be thrown off a building and land on a wombat which tears out my eyes then listen to this.

Williams Riley - A Different Kind of Country
This is where Country music is going
(5 Stars)
by Dune Demon
Like it or not people this is where country music is going and its for the better if you ask me, there's finally some artists out there that are not afraid to step it up and take the genre to a new level that some of the old school country singers can't keep up with.. I grew up listening to Rock, Punk, Metal and Country and to be honest I didn't like country music for a very long time cause it was boring and all the songs were the same. ... I agree with the person that said there should be 2 Genres for Country music... one for "The same old country that remains to be boring" and one for "New and Exciting Country Music thats a pleasure to listen too"

(1 Star)
by Dustin shively
Why because the song makes no freakin sense they needed to make a better song

He deserves a second chance!!
(5 Stars)
by limaloser
...*Chris Brown is one of the greatest and sexiest artist alive who deserves a second chance! Forget about this woman beaterness- that's over! Appreciate good music!

(4 Stars)
by aworth18
C'mon fells good! Whatever you do at least make sure your download Adaliene. First naked girl I ever saw.....

(5 Stars)
by 95 South
It's so funny how many people H8. They say H8as make da world go round. LOL. I luv Jeezy keep doin you. H8as going H8 hell somebody gotta do it. They talked about Jesus you know da going talk about you. Let dat man do him & you jus do u.

Jul 25, 2010

Review Fails

I like to review songs and album as much as the next blogger, but sometimes it's just more fun to sit back and let the (ir)regular music fans do it... (these are actual unedited listener reviews culled from iTunes)

Dumbest and talentless song ever!!!!
(1 Star)
by MCspears
The stupidest song I have ever heard! Retarded! 5 year olds can write this song!!! No talent!

(5 Stars)
by SODMG, Inc.
all you haters should be ashamed of yourself. If you don't like it go listen to something else you racist no lifes!!! Go put in a gay rock album or something. leave soulja boy alone u make me sick.
PRETTY BOY SWAG is a good song if you don't like it don't click on it and waste valuable time trying to generate negative energy. no life racist.

(album review referring to the hit song "Use Somebody")
(1 Star)
by Jddfdf
THey copied brooke white she came out with an album 1 month before they did and had the same song.

(album review referring to her cover of "Use Somebody")
(1 Star)
by jaimiexcore
why would anyone ruin "use somebody" by kings of leon? ugh. ;/

The next Garth
(5 Stars)
by Voller82
It's cute and catchy and reminds me of the kind of music Garth Brooks did. I think Mr. Sarver has great potential to surpas Garth and this song is exactly why I think it. His vocals couldn't be purer. His soul shines right through the song and accentuates the words with meaning and a power that makes you grin from ear to ear.

How can u not lik it
(5 Stars)
by Luv4Allison
this is an abselutly aaamazing song im in shock that people dont lik it and danny didnt hav an any where near horrible apperance on ai what r u peeps talkin about u guys r CRAZY

Wow His Back Thank God
(5 Stars)
by J. Howell
This song rocks, i mean i loved his first album an can't wait to get his new one hopefully it comes out soon CAN'T WAIT, ALSO EVERYONE LISTEN TO LONESTAR'S NEW ALBUM IT ALSO ROCKS

(1 Star)
by manda:
White girls shouldn't sing all her songs sound the dam same with that annoying voice of hers.

Amazingly Awesome!
(5 Stars)
by GrimmjowCreedDiskence
Montgomery Gentry never seize to Amaze me! I listen to rock music mostly but Montgomery Gentry is one of the only country groups I will listen to. This is the reason why!

(1 Star)
by drycounty12
i cant believe this is what counrty has come to...t-pian can do it but not these guys

Love it
(5 Stars)
by Honda_Dirt_Biker_1023
Some people are accusing them of not being true to country music, but they never sent that message. You cant help but laugh at the names of the songs, the idea of using popular terms like "Make it Rain" and "Ridin' Dirty", i think that is hilarious and unique to these guys. They are not for the people who love traditional, Garth Brooks or even Tim McGraw like country. But if you are willing to take a risk, and give them a try, i know you will not be dissapointed. Its got a good beat, good lyrics, and good sound in general. I love the autotune too lol, that is just great! It's what caught my attention on the radio the first time i heard it.

Weezy ain't on his level
(5 Stars)
by ATX Soldier
Alright first of all he didn't get his name from candy his name us Marshal Mathers second he kills the track the chorus is a little on edge but it's good eminem I rebuiling his empire on top or the rap game

(1 Star)
by P0wn4g3x
...Just a white boy trying to act black

(1 Star)
by ??
complet trash, how did this get number one, there r just way to may cuse words


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