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Sep 14, 2022

Alabama Marijuana Songs

so here are some Alabama songs if they were about pot.

You’ve Got the Kush

My Sight is Blurry (And I Know Why)

Cheeba Seats


Roll On (Blazed Out Feelin’)

Hot Box in My Mind

40 Dollar Sack (Or a Fiddy)

High Faded High

Feels So Right (no change)

Dopesick Fever

Dixieland Delight (no change)

If You’re Gonna Blaze in Texas (You Better Have Agent 420 in the Van)

Tennessee Jibber

Katy Brought My Sitar Back Today

Mountain Zooted

Thistlehair the Crispy Bear

Puffin’, Passin’ on the Boulevard

Give Me One More Hit

Hometown Blunt Gooned

Bong of the South

Dankest Among Us

Pass it On Down (no change)

Apr 23, 2015

Single Review: Willie & Merle - It's All Going to Pot

by Jamie Berryhill

Willie and Merle can do whatever they want. Clearly! They don't need your approval, or anyone else's for that matter! Federales included!

 "It's All Going To Pot," Written by Buddy Cannon, Jamey Johnson, and Larry Shell, is the first release from the iconic duo's upcoming duets album, Django And Jimmie. It is solid gold! Acapulco Gold, even! See what I did there? The video is incredible, and the song is a brilliantly crafted story of their favorite pastime, intertwined with clever lyrics and playful potshots at each other! I can't stop with the pot salvos! The song is a veritable celebration of the increasingly legal intoxicant, after all!

Both of these legendary troubadours are clearly still at the top of their game, and they delivered another top notch performance here!  The instrumentation is classic, and professional. Willie's famous guitar tone and phrasing is alive and well, as is Merle's. They just work well together! They get paid well together also, and I think we all know where their money goes!

Jamey Johnson's recognizable baritone voice can be heard as well, thickening up the vocal sound in spots on the track. The video has already racked up millions of views on social media sites across the Internet, and is sure to be a classic!

"It's All Going to Pot" is available now on iTunes, and other outlets. The rest of the album is for pre-order only at this time. See what all the buzz is about right here, via YouTube, and enjoy! I surely did!


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