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Dec 22, 2022

A Bad Moms Christmas Country Reaction Gifs

If Wheeler Walker Jr. ever puts out a Christmas song

Also, if Wheeler Walker Jr. ever puts out a Christmas song

When you think they just said "Morgan Wallen is the best country artist since George Strait"

 That Holiday Badonkadonk 

What do you think Alabama means by "a little turtle dovin'?"

Every punk or rock singer who went country in their 40s

Who here thinks Luke Bryan sucks?

They're playing Dan + Shay at the office Christmas party

Dec 1, 2022

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs #65

If somebody says this is their favorite Dolly song, you know they don't really listen to Dolly

 You move me so much

If you can't tell Sam Hunt from country music...

When the lesbian folk festival is back after a couple of difficult years

When somebody yells out a "Feathered Indians" request at some other band's show

Me, usually quiet and reserved, when somebody near me starts talking about today's country music

Me when somebody says they love Morgan Wallen and that he's helped them through some difficult times and I shouldn't ridicule him and his music

When you thought they forgot your birthday, but your boys got you Turnpike tickets

Still better than a Kane Brown concert

Sep 14, 2022

Alabama Marijuana Songs

so here are some Alabama songs if they were about pot.

You’ve Got the Kush

My Sight is Blurry (And I Know Why)

Cheeba Seats


Roll On (Blazed Out Feelin’)

Hot Box in My Mind

40 Dollar Sack (Or a Fiddy)

High Faded High

Feels So Right (no change)

Dopesick Fever

Dixieland Delight (no change)

If You’re Gonna Blaze in Texas (You Better Have Agent 420 in the Van)

Tennessee Jibber

Katy Brought My Sitar Back Today

Mountain Zooted

Thistlehair the Crispy Bear

Puffin’, Passin’ on the Boulevard

Give Me One More Hit

Hometown Blunt Gooned

Bong of the South

Dankest Among Us

Pass it On Down (no change)


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