May 10, 2012

I'm Sorry, This Exists 5

Taylor Swift Guitar Hero Cover
Chris Brown wife beater. No really.

Blake Shelton Hand Sketch T-shirt

Luke Bryan "Boom Boom" T-shirt

Brantley Gilbert Confederate Flag (only $200!!)


Kid Rock Pillow

Uncle Kracker Peyote Bracelet

Luke Bryan Is Life Tumbr Fansite

Tim McGraw "Southern Voice" Denim Jacket
A little class for that ass

1 comment:

  1. The dumb asses on College Town Life couldn't even spell Skynyrd correctly. My wife is southern girl born and raised and damn proud of it. NONE of those songs are panty droppers for her!

    Chris Young "Gettin' You Home" is a song she digs when it's sexy time.

    Conway "Slow Hand" is hands down one of the best country songs for getting down too.

    My lady has also always had an affinity for Tracy's. Byrd "Keeper of the Stars" & Lawrence "Stars Over Texas."

    Interestingly enough ALL of those songs are pretty real country.



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