Jun 3, 2016

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 11: Isbell, OCMS, Luke Bryan, etc.

When your friend says he heard Sturgill Simpson before you

 If you're going to a Luke Bryan concert....

When your grandfather discovers Old Crow Medicine Show

 "Hey, some dude on the corner is 
giving away his Isbell tickets!"

 When you politely listen to your coworker 
discuss last night's Brantley Gilbert concert

 What you won't say about Florida-Georgia Line's next album

Listing off why Sam Hunt sucks like...


  1. You can just shut down the website after this. You've reached the apex of internet creativity.

  2. I rejected songs like Sam Hunt plays back in the
    '80s; I'm not suddenly going to accept them
    now. I can only add somewhat facetiously,
    "Uh-oh, I just realized that those 'performers'
    are not at all interested in putting something
    out that I can listen to. They just want me to
    step aside so their age-group's party bandwagon
    can go on through." Country-rock is something I
    can listen to in addition to traditional country,
    but that doesn't include that fake hype-machine
    "country-rap/metal" that is the only thing I
    can find on the local FM stations.



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