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Sep 30, 2021

Letterkenny Country Reaction Gifs

*foul language warning*

Name Daryle Singletary's biggest hit

Mike & the Moonpies kick all kinds of ass

When a dude walks in the bar wearing an Upchurch t-shirt

Jason Aldean has 2 new albums on the way!

If somebody plays Florida-Georgia Line on a jukebox

Listen to country radio for 5 minutes and give me your thoughts

Hey mainstream country bros, stop name dropping artists you can't name 2 songs from

Any day you don't hear "Fancy Like"

Jul 9, 2019

Get Out of My Country

(Daryle's lyrics from the song "Get Out of My Country")

Feb 12, 2018

Go Rest High, Daryl Singletary

When you peruse the extremely short list of country singers who stayed pure and true, Daryle Singletary's name has to be high on that list. Mr. Singletary passed away this morning at the way too young age of 46. He'll definitely be missed. Despite only having a few actual big-time charting hits (though they were memorable ones), he made enough of an impression on his traditional country loving fans to continue successfully touring through the present year. And he stayed country as grits and greens to the very end.

I'm uncomfortable with some sites using a star's passing for cheap clicks, but we are a not-for-profit enterprise here.... I just wanted you to see what Daryle meant to a lot of folks, and hear how good he still was, below, singing one of his signature hits "Amen Kind of Love."


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