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Sep 30, 2021

Letterkenny Country Reaction Gifs

*foul language warning*

Name Daryle Singletary's biggest hit

Mike & the Moonpies kick all kinds of ass

When a dude walks in the bar wearing an Upchurch t-shirt

Jason Aldean has 2 new albums on the way!

If somebody plays Florida-Georgia Line on a jukebox

Listen to country radio for 5 minutes and give me your thoughts

Hey mainstream country bros, stop name dropping artists you can't name 2 songs from

Any day you don't hear "Fancy Like"

Sep 16, 2021

Indiana Jones Country Reaction Gifs

When another couple invited you to the Kane Brown concert

Trying to listen to the whole Walker Hayes EP for a review

If your friend chose to skip the Vandoliers concert

"Country guitarists can't melt your face off"
Listens to Roy Clark once:

When your dad's always got to remind you he saw Johnny Cash in concert 6 times

Listening to a FGL fan attempt to talk about politics or literature or philosophy or anything really.

When some dude swinging a saif around says Waylon sucks

How you know you're at an Upchurch concert

Aug 19, 2021

Top 10 Things Morgan Wallen Fans are Also Fans Of


10. Cutting across three lanes on the interstate in their Carolina squatted pickup truck so they don’t miss their exit for the vape shop

9. Business in front, party in the back

8. Complaining about the health dangers of wearing a mask while vaping and downing their 6th White Claw

7. Saying that word around their friends and cutting their eyes at the mixed race guy to see if he’s mad

6. Screaming profanities at their boyfriend in his Carolina squatted pickup truck in the parking lot beside Sonic on Friday nights

5. Calling people who don’t like Morgan’s music libtards

4. “Collecting” copper wiring

3. Hunting out of season

2. Acting indignant that rappers can say that word even though that’s all they’ve been listening to in their Carolina squatted pickup truck

1. Pretending they were Morgan Wallen fans before February 2021

Aug 12, 2021

Loki Country Reaction Gifs

You want to hear country or western?

Does that "fancy like Applebees" song ever get stuck in your head?

How would you describe Sam Hunt's musical style?

When the 2:50 mark of Yola's "Stand for Myself" hits

When your friend says "Yeah, I love all this Americana stuff but Luke Bryan really isn't that bad."

Stuck in the Dollar General line with a boyfriend country station playing overhead

Looking at the country chart and seeing not that many women and not that much country.

Why don't you listen to Upchurch?

Aug 4, 2021

Really Dumb Country Reviews: August '21

  (Real iTunes reviews)

Dan + Shay - Good Things

Morgan Wallen - Dangerous

Warren Zeiders

Cody Wolfe - "Better Without You"

Upchurch - Same Ol Same Ol

Aaron Lewis - "Am I the Only One"

Walker Hayes - "Fancy Like"


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