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Aug 10, 2023

Revenge of the Sith Country Reaction Gifs

Listens to "If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me" once

When I hear my neighbors I've never met listening to 49 Winchester

Which Guns 'n Roses song would make a good country cover?

When the comment section gets all riled up about a Morgan Wallen meme

When the crowd at an Arlo Mckinley concert gets hyped

With my finger lingering over the 'buy' button on my 3rd band shirt of the month

Tell me something good about Jason Aldean

Me after hearing 5 seconds of a Warren Zeiders song

When a Kane Brown fan asks for music suggestions

When MAGA lost Tyler Childers

Jun 23, 2022

The Empire Strikes Back Country Reaction Gifs

 The day I turned on country radio and they were playing a song about shaking ass for the catfish

Say Walker Hayes is country or fall into the abyss

When an Upchurch fan asks you out

Waiting on country radio to play a Waylon song

Dustin Lynch: "party mode party mode party mode"

Be careful when you catch yourself tapping your foot to a FGL song

Aldean sings a high note

Feb 24, 2022

Return of the Jedi Country Reaction Gifs

🎵 It's your love, it just does something to me, sends a shock right through me 🎵

Jason Aldean's vocal inspiration

Every pop country fan with a bad opinion on Facebook

When your girl says it's hot that you sing Wheeler Walker Jr songs in the shower

When you catch yourself liking a few new Dustin Lynch songs

When somebody says Morgan Wallen is a better singer than Jason Isbell

🎵 Same as my daddy and his daddy before 🎵

When I see a Twitter friend talking trash about Walker Hayes


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