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Aug 2, 2022

Momlife Country Comics

Explanation here. I hope it's right because I don't feel like explaining it.

Cody Wolfe Appreciation Committee Chair (a parody account)

did these based on 90s/2000s radio country songs

Sep 9, 2021

Steve Martin Country Reaction Gifs

When you let your dad hear what mainstream country radio sounds like these days

About to watch a Ward Davis video

You a Lonestar fan?

Me trying to get away from Walker Hayes' "Fancy Like"

Still listening to Sturgill's "Played Out" 3 weeks later

Still more country than Sam Hunt

Hey man, you like bluegrass and getting high?

Florida-Georgia Line hanging out with Nelly

Who makes better country, Texas or Oklahoma?
Texas: "We do"

Jun 28, 2013

Country Day June '13: DAC, Hunter Hayes, Chris Young, etc.

Another shortened edition of Country Day this month. Everything slows down in the summer (even FTM, as I've reduced the amount of posts for a time), including the album release schedule (thus, less covers to farce), so this will likely be the norm through fall.


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