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Mar 22, 2012

You Suck as a Music Fan Vol. 5

If the only song you like on The Hunger Games soundtrack is the Maroon 5 track

If you think Rascal Flatts is real country music or that Eric Church is a real country music outlaw. - Mitch Norris from FB

If you only go to concerts to sit on your boyfriend's shoulders and show your tits.

If you think the members of Rascal Flatts are men. - Matthew Waga from FB

If you frequently defend the honor of your favorite singer on blogs and message boards - using bad grammar, name-calling and misspelled words.

You stand in the back or the merch table at shows because you think you're too cool or too important. - @cmaccini88

If you have any Brantley Gilbert lyrics tattooed on your body.

If you don't know the importance and influence of Woody Guthrie on American music. - Amy Stillwell Hiser from FB

If you have NO live cuts on your music player. - Kody Mac from FB

If you didn't like Johnny Cash until rappers started mentioning him.

If you request Taylor Swift songs from a female singer-songwriter. - Thomas McAleer from FB

If your favorite rapper has three names and the middle one is "Flocka."

If you've ever been in a fistfight at a Colt Ford show. (or if you've BEEN to a Colt Ford show)

If you namecheck Waylon and don't have a clue who Roy Acuff is (Looking at you Brantley Gilbert) ;) - Rodney Smith from FB

If you drink Bud Light. - Bryan Childs (@autopsy4) from FB

If you request Wagon Wheel, Freebird, Carney Man or anything by Kenny Chesney/Toby Keith at every show you go to, regardless of who's on stage. - Melissa Galvan from FB

If you won't listen to it unless Pitchfork gave it a 8.0 or better.

If you were one of the people watching the Grammy's that tweeted, "Who's Paul McCartney??" - Lee Kelley from FB

If you only listen to bands that radio stations in MS play all day. - @petermicah

If "Your Body is a Wonderland" really speaks to you.

If you've ever referred to the Akins family as "Country Music Royalty" - @ohbuffalo

If you think Whitney Houston (rest her soul) wrote "I Will Always Love You." 

If u refer to #redsolocup as an anthem. - @ecaxshowcattle

If you post Jason Aldean lyrics over pictures of nice scenery on Tumblr.

If you've played Brantley Gilbert on the jukebox...or anywhere. - @Evans_GW

If you think @blackberrysmoke is a type of weed. - @ohbuffalo

If you go to a concert to socialize and drink rather than to listen to music. Corollary: You think it's boring when an artists just stands there and sings. (e.g. Strait, Jackson, etc.) - Andrew Lacy from FB

If you only like rappers with a criminal record.

If in the middle of their ask "who are these guys" - Paul Munjoy from FB

If Coldplay is your favorite indie band.

If you have to tell everyone in the crowd how the band changed your life and somehow write songs about you - @nolimitcattleco

If you send your friends pics from the Brantley Gilbert concert, assuming they care - @_redassassin_


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