Jun 4, 2014

Little Known Facts: June '14

Brantley Gilbert says the greatest inspirations for his vocal style are
Christian Bale's Batman, 60-grit sandpaper, and hemorrhoids.

Despite his religion-questioning and open-minded lyrics, Sturgill Simpson actually
attends Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist's church several times a year.

Webster's dictionary defines a one-man-band as an individual that can not
properly do one of the four things needed to be an entertainer well, so they do five things at once.

A Tijuana Mexico newspaper recently named Jerrod Niemann
"public enemy number one" due to his single "Donkey" giving donkeys a bad name.

The same night that Luke Bryan fell off the stage,
Tim McGraw fell through an air conditioner vent on stage.

The Devil has reported a 99% increase in music battle victories
in the state of Georgia over the last three years.

Randy Houser did'nt approve of this fact but he did proofread it.

Rolling Stone Country recently interviewed Tom Arnold and asked him
who his favorite country singer was. He replied "Nobody is
better than Sturgill Simpson but I can most relate with Blake Shelton."

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert's "Something Bad" was originally
the winner of a "Write a Song Even Aerosmith Wouldn't Cut" contest in 1998.

'We Hate Pop Country' did not write this fact, but they may adapt it into a meme in the future.

Chad Kroeger of Nickleback currently has pending lawsuits against twelve
of the top 25 artists on the Billboard country charts for copyright infringement.

In a recent interview Shooter Jennings stated that he has always looked up to Little Jimmy Dickens.

In 2009 Tyler Farr caught laryngitis. He still has it.

Brantley Gilbert also caught something that year.

Most of these by Jeremy Harris.

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