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May 14, 2018

The No Sleep Roundup w/Lucero, Leon III, Vein, Joe Rogan

by Robert Dean

So, this week in insomnia I’ve listened to a bunch of music, read a few books and even watched the episode of Anthony Bourdain in Montana. He hangs out with Jim Harrison before he died, what an honor. Joe Rogan was there too, but they did Joe Rogan stuff and just shot some birds. 

Anyhow, I’m averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night right now since I’m writing freelance full time. You’d think around 4 AM I’d pass right out, but nope. Pop a Benadryl and go hunting for new stuff, waiting for the little pink monster to kick in. 

Enough about me, let’s get into this week’s hotness: 

Because I’m a douche, I didn’t mention them sooner, but The Profane Anything Band is a local Austin outfit playing some sweet rock and roll that’s not flashy, nor over the top, but straight ahead. There’s something to be said for a band that plugs in and gets rowdy. Give them a listen they gig all over town. For fans of Guided By Voices, Yo La Tengo, Brainiac. 

America’s secret crush Cardi B was on the Stern show and continued to show why she’s good for the music industry with her refusal to be a mindless robot. Hate her music all you like; it’s appreciated when an artist puts everything on front street and understands her place in pop culture.  

Leon III has a new video out. It’s appropriately weird in that Joe Walsh, “too many Coors with a guy you’re just trying to buy mushrooms off of” kinda way. I appreciate bands who go for it and don’t give a shit what their peers are doing. Quiet Hollers are those kinds of dudes. Give it a look and listen to their new record, Alberta. 

While you’re at it download everything from Leon III and Quiet Hollers

Vein dropped the new video for Virus//Vibrance, and I’m so stoked on it. This is so much of my jam; it’s like this song + video was crafted out of the old school hardcore videos from 20 years ago that I frequently search for. I have high hopes for Vein. If this is any indication of what they’re capable of, please take all of my money. This is chaotic, fast, and heavy as a ton of bricks. 

Everyone on Earth saw the Childish Gambino video, so I don’t have to link it. It’s been watched 70M times in 7 days.  Sidebar: I seriously had NO idea Childish Gambino was big enough to headline a night at ACL. I have a mad love for Awaken, My Love! But, damn. Donald Glover is killing it right now. 

Joe Rogan roasts Takashi 69 and the other kids of the internet here.  This one is just good for the soul. 

Lastly, Lucero dropped two new songs, and there’s a lot to unpack here folks. 

First, if you look at the new band photo, Ben looks like he’s straight from America’s Next Top Model. Brian has now assumed the role of mystical Memphis shaman, which is fitting if you follow him on social media. Thankfully, Roy is still wearing the signature bike hat. 

The cover of the new record Among the Ghosts is sick. That’s some straight Southern Gothic right there. 

I like that Ben has made it a point to call out that folks thought the new stuff would suck because he’s happily married and now has a kid. I can’t say I’m not guilty of thinking that, too. 

As for the music, I couldn’t be happier. As a die-hard Lucero fan, (I have an L star tattoo) this is the record we’ve been waiting a few years for. This feels more like a gritty more swinging version of Tennessee, That Much Further West, Overton Park records, which are arguably the fan’s favorites. 

That’s it. Keep it saucy. 

Apr 24, 2018

Borrowed Jokes: Conway, Pardi, Joe Diffie, Keith Urban

Music memes from around the webz; credited when possible.

"Pardi B"
From Brothers Osborne's Twitter account.

From @simcardcottam

From Country Music Memes 

From We Hate Pop Country

Apr 12, 2018

The No Sleep Round-up w/Lucero, Western Centuries, and ...Cardi B?

by Robert Dean

Well, howdy folks. I had one of them weeks last week that would test a lesser man’s mettle and sent them spiraling down the road toward their local dive without so much as a breath of fresh air. I ain’t gonna say I didn’t need a night to get loaded up on the Lone Star beers and some kush that’ll blow the doors off, but I’m back in fighting shape after a few kicks in the teeth. 

I’m gonna write some longer stuff for the site, so if you’re waiting on anything long form from me, it’s gonna happen soon. 

This brings us back to the rodeo and what’s popping off this week and last week: a combo of musical stuff that’s crossed my desk. 

Cardi B dropped a new record, “Invasion of Privacy” last week. I gotta say, for as much shit as she gets, I like her. We’re beaten over the head with manufactured idiots that have nothing to say, and for once we’ve got someone in popular culture that’s being honest about her experience and what she expects of the world in return. 

Sure, you don’t have to enjoy the music, but when we’re overloaded with constant trash, I can respect someone’s nerve to tell the story of being a stripper, what men in the business expect of her, along with building a career with no one’s help. As someone’s who’s never been handed a damn thing, career-wise if you make it without daddy’s money or a cousin in “the business” props to her. 

Read the new GQ interview with her. You’ll come out of it not hating her, I promise.  Also, reading the bit about how she got a fake ass is fascinating. 

Side note related to Cardi B – I’ve recently discovered Migos Stir Fry and I love the beat. Not a new cut by any means, but for someone who doesn’t dig Trap, I like that one. Takashi 69 is still straight garbage, tho. But this Gary Owen takedown is straight up amazing. 

Back to country stuff, Western Centuries has recently dropped Songs From The Deluge, and it’s pretty damn solid. If you’re looking for a good honky tonk record that feels a little Dale Watson meets Dwight Yoakam, Western Centuries play in that cerebral ballpark. The vocals even offer a little John Popper vibe, but without the wailing harmonica theatrics. 

Sometimes, when bands try to pull off that joint beer funk, most of the time, they screw it way, way up. Western Centuries doesn’t do that whatsoever; in fact, they sell it with precision and flair. Upon first listen, I was flabbergasted the band was from Seattle and not my backyard of Austin. Give these dudes a listen ASAP. You won’t be disappointed. 

In news that warms my heart, Lucero was recently awarded the honor of Lucero Day in Memphis. How dope is that? Resident good dudes getting rewarded for being a great band full of humans that deserve the world. Nothing but respect. 

Once again, don’t forget to donate to Caleb from Cave In’s YouCaring. It’s still such a bummer he’s gone. 

Avenged Sevenfold read mean tweets about themselves. Just like their music, it was uninteresting and pedestrian. Watch it here.

That’s about it from down here in the great state of Texas. Be back next week to talk about whatever crosses my desk or invades my inbox. If you’re in a band, go to my Facebook page and drop a link. 

If it’s in my sonic wheelhouse I’ll either review it or mention it here. Depends on how dope it is. All genres will be considered. Stay frosty. 


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