Nov 24, 2021

New Video / Paul Cauthen / "Country as F***"

People with Different Political Views Discuss Walker Hayes' New Song

Top 10 Things Morgan Wallen Fans are Thankful for This Year

10. That mainstream country is so bad, Morgan sounds almost like Hank Jr. in comparison

9. That “Let’s Go Morgan” kinda sounds like “Let’s Go Brandon”

8. Thanks to Autofill, you only have to remember how to spell your name once

7. That the mullet trend has outlasted its welcome (they’ve had once since pre-k)

6. That their digestive system has finally healed after that ‘drinking bleach’ incident

5. High inflation makes stolen catalytic converters more valuable

4. The burn scars from dropping a frozen turkey in the fryer last year are finally fading

3. The “Carolina squat” is only banned in the Carolinas

2. That they aren’t famous enough to have their racial slur videos made public

1. McRib is back

WKRP in Cincinnati Country Reaction Gifs

Tell me you're not country as f 

without saying you're not country as f


My brain after months of "Fancy Like" commercials

Life with you makes perfect sense,
you're my best friend

When you see some redneck mothers

When Herb asks you out to a Luke Bryan concert

When Travis suggests playing mainstream country radio in the breakroom

Trying to get out of a conversation with a Kane Brown fan

What happens when you play Florida-Georgia Line in a large crowd


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