Apr 30, 2009

FTM Sells Out: The Devil Makes Three

I don't have a lot of bands contacting me for promotional purposes. The reason for that is obvious - I'm mean. Despite the fact that this blog's place in the world is to make fun of anything and everything music related (particularly country related), no matter how inane or sophomoric, I have received my share of emails from groups and artists wanting me to check out their material, and if interested, post a feature about them along with an mp3. To this point, I haven't been impressed enough with anything I've heard to mention it here. The Devil Makes Three's album Do Wrong Right has impressed me enough to be featured as my first FTM Sells Out (the first of what won't be a frequent feature, so that shows you how much I enjoy this album).
Falling right in the pocket of the kind of music that's moving me these days, The Devil Make Three is a string band that blends bluegrass, folk and country into an engaging mix of traditional sounds with an absolutely electric vibe. The playing is top notch, the vocals are strong and the writing is stellar. In fact, I can't find a weak facet to this group. Being a lyricist on the side, I'm drawn to smart, interesting, humorous or soulful lyrics that don't feel contrived and The DM3 deliver on all points. They dip into politics without pandering or pissing. They write about religion thoughtfully and cleverly. They tackle love, drugs and other blue collar interests in fresh and interesting ways. This is an exciting band with a bright future. For reference, you'll probably dig The Devil Makes Three if you like Justin Townes Earle, Old Crow Medicine Show, Bob Dylan or The Avett Brothers, among others. Their new album is called Do Wrong Right and it's one of the best I've heard this year. Definitely check out their Myspace page and I'm also providing a link for a free mp3 download of "All Hail" from Do Wrong Right.

Free Download:

Apr 29, 2009

.99 Review - Richie McDonald

Richie McDonald - 6 Foot Teddy Bear

The People's Take

amazing song (5 stars)
Richie McDonald is an amazing singer. I am so glad that he came back as a single artist and is using his name. Great song and hopefully more to come.
by 101tobybeth

Welcome Back (4 stars)
So glad Richie McDonald is back. He always carried the group, so I know he'll have no trouble doing well on his own!!!
by A. Helton

Who is this? (2 stars)
Is this the guy from Ricochet? or what other group?
by sunshine24

My Take

Total value: .07/.99

The Checklist

Name Dropping
Dying Person
Check mark symbolCounty Fair
Lost Love
Check mark symbolLove
Hometown Pride
Kindly Advice
Check mark symbolLife Affirmation
Check mark symbolPop Sheen
Star Power

Apr 28, 2009

Parody of Kenny Chesney's "Out Last Night"

Plowed Last Night

(a parody of Kenny Chesney's "Out Last Night")

I got plowed last night
I was blasted, bombed and stewed
Poured till I puked last night
My level was one-oh-two
There were girls from Cruger-Tchula and Arkansas
And Coffeeville I was hittin' on
Tried all my best moves, they didn't stay long

Cause I was plowed last night
A live person can't be any drunker
Plowed last night
Now I know the toilet better than a plumber I acted a fool, put my ass on display
Sat in with the band but don't know how to play
And life ain't worth a damn today
I got plowed last night

I'm usually a gentleman
When I'm out lookin' for a piece
But last night I disturbed the peace
When I got on that Hennessy
I was a vagrant, a brawler, a skirt-chasin' scum
Slingblade's brother tryin' to get me some
Even Billy Bob would call me a bum

Cause I got plowed last night
Cooter Brown's never been any drunker
Plowed last night

Now I'm deeper into the toilet than a plunger
I caused quite a scene, put my ass on display
Every woman I hit on said she was gay
I can taste my lunch from yesterday
I got plowed last night

Well the fact that I’m still heaving
Means that I'm barely alive
Pretty sure I've thrown up everything including my pride

Cause I got plowed last night
Ol' Otis would say that I was drunker
Plowed last night

Needless to say I didn't get any numbers

I tried dancing on the tables
But I couldn't stand up
So I stayed on my stool and leaned on a cup
There was not a girl in sight
When I got plowed last night



Here's some Chuck Wicks Photocrap.  And I mean... really, really Photocrappy...

Apr 25, 2009

YouTube Gem - Justin Townes Earle

Off his current album, Midnight at the Movies, here's Justin Townes Earle with his cover of The Replacements' "Can't Hardly Wait"

Apr 24, 2009

Best of 2009 So Far: Expanded Edition

I usually don't rank everything I've heard for these personal charts, but I thought I'd do so this time around... even including a mainstream country rankings after the main chart.

1. Ben Nichols - The Last Pale Light in the West
2. Justin Townes Earle - Midnight at the Movies
3. The Gourds - Haymaker!
4. Phosphorescent - To Willie
5. Great Lake Swimmers - Lost Channels
6. Mastodon - Crack the Skye
7. Steve Earle - Townes
8. Slaid Cleaves - Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away
9. The Deep Dark Woods - Winter Hours
10. Scott Miller - For Crying Out Loud
11. Eric Church - Carolina
12. Strand of Oaks - Leave Ruin
13. Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit - s/t
14. The Last Vegas - Whatever Gets You Off
15. The Felice Brothers - Yonder is the Clock
16. The Hold Steady - A Positive Rage
17. Silversun Pickups - Swoon
18. Incredibad - The Lonely Island
19. U2 - No Line on the Horizon
20. Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team - National Champions
21. Doug Burr - The Shawl
22. M.Ward - Hold Time
23. Mark Olson and Gary Louris - Ready for the Flood
24. The Derek Trucks Band - Already Free
25. Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
26. Bruce Springsteen - Waiting on a Dream
27. The Decemberists - The Hazards of Love
28. Husband and Wife - Dark Dark Woods
29. Chris Isaak - Mr. Lucky

Ranking the Mainstream:
1. Eric Church - Carolina
2. Adam Gregory - Crazy Days
3. Rodney Atkins - It's America
4. Keith Urban - Defying Gravity
5. Rascal Flatts - Unstoppable

Apr 23, 2009

Fun With Charts & Graphs Doubleshot

Click pics for a closer view.

.99 Review - Jack Ingram

Jack Ingram - Barefoot & Crazy

The People's Take

What a great summer song! This is going to sound great on the CD player on those hot summer days at the beach or just cruising around. Oh yeah.....bring on the heat baby!! I could listen to music like this all day.
by Chesneyfan

(most reviews are just like this...)

My Take:
I'm not ready to throw Jack under the same "sellout" bus as Pat Green just yet, but this song isn't heartening. I don't toss the term "sellout" around lightly (except in jest and on Photocrapped album covers) but it becomes a valid edict when an artist veers so far off their original course just for the sake of commerce (obviously a subjective deduction, but whatever) that you can't hear what drew you to them in the first place. Jack's not there yet. He's still got some stones, as evidenced on his non-single album tracks, at least. I won't defend him like his buddy Todd Snider does though, and this song might even make it hard for Mr. Snider to keep having his back. "Barefoot & Crazy" is a big, dumb celebration of summer anthem. Okay with me if it didn't have the word "barefoot" in the title (my wife's mild foot phobia has uh, rubbed off on me) and if it didn't contain the "cliche-even-for-cliches" rhyme "baby" and "crazy." And if it followed even one new road, melodically or musically or lyrically. It doesn't. It's mindless entertainment for people enjoying exactly what the song describes or wishing they could. Wait, no. That's painting with too broad a brush, 'cause I wish I was experiencing what the song describes at this very moment, but if this song had to be the soundtrack, I might reconsider. Put it this way, the only parts of this song I like are the lyrics "my heart was skipping like a stone" and the reference to "Fishing in the Dark." That's it. With enough Miller Lite (yuck), you won't care though. Crank it up if you must. There are worse songs. There aren't many that are more by-the-numbers though.

Total value: .41/.99

The Checklist



Name Dropping

Dying Person

County Fair

Lost Love


Hometown Pride

Kindly Advice




Life Affirmation



Pop Sheen

Star Power

Apr 22, 2009

Tim McGraw / Eddie Rabbit Parody

(Parody of Tim McGraw/Eddie Rabbit's "Suspicions")

I'm so sad that I wed this lady
Was so drunk when she made me her groom
Almost went crazy when she came into view
Stopped by the doc before the honeymoon

And I got these prescriptions
That's just so I know I can love my baby
Won't be feeling like some wilted clay
Ooh prescriptions
It don't help that she's just so bad lookin'
I have to take these little blue pills seven days a week

When we go out to bowl a game or two
She always turns every stomach in the room
I know she's not on any guy's mind
I fight back nausea, but it gets me sometimes


Ooh, prescriptions

When I'm with her a part of me has died
Way she touches me, I want to run and hide
The way I get hives when we make love
Takes me more and more meds to keep this up


That's just so I know I can love my baby
Won't be feeling like some wilted clay
Ooh prescriptions
It don't help that she's just so bad lookin'
I have to take these little blue pills seven days a week
Please save me, I'm dyin'

Yeah Cialis
And Viagra

Hope I can anull this thing
Pray somebody's gonna take my girl from me

Apr 21, 2009

John Rich's Songwriting Tips #5

Go out and live a little before you start writing. You gotta have a well of experience to pull the bucket up from. You know, kiss a few... hundred... young girls. Burn a few dozen bridges. Make some embarrassing comments on television and radio. Bust a few bottles over sumbitches' teeth. Humiliate and assault people who seek your attention. Alienate friends, associates and those living unnatural lifestyles. Then come back to your pen and paper and tell your story. STDs push MP3s, baby.

Not actually written by John Rich

Apr 20, 2009

Josh Turner's Bus Rules

An anonymous source produced this surprisingly strict list of rules for those musicians lucky enough to grace Josh Turner's tour bus...

Apr 15, 2009

Friday is....

Come back Friday for "honest album covers" from Colt Ford, Dolly Parton, Toby Keith, Doug Stone and more!! 18+ new covers...

Apr 14, 2009

Apr 13, 2009

____Deserves a Sackpunch

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

Tell 'em what? I'll tell 'em. This guy gives our mutual home state a bad name, okay a worser name (blame the MS education system on that bad grammurr). The fact that this dude with the paint pen decorated cheap sunglasses is a millionaire is frequently cited as proof of the death of hip-hop and a particularly harrowing sign of the apocalypse. I wouldn't go that far but... well actually, that sounds about right. War, Famine, Pestilence, Soulja Boy... This horseman of the end times boasts a quiver full of soul destroying weapons including pedestrian, nay, stupid rhymes, simple beats and pornographic terminology hidden behind silly slang phrases. Some of his stuff is so inane it sounds made up on the spot during a drunken ramble, but a lot of Soulja Boy's slang is actually not as fabricated as it sounds. Many of the words can be found on urbandictionary.com, and their definitions might just make you blush. His most popular song is a dance tune that includes a section about, and I'm serious, a man, ummmm, releasing seminal fluids onto a woman's back and throwing a sheet onto it, thus having it stick, resembling a cape... thus, the "superman" dance (in "Crank That"). Yeah, really. And he's peddling this stuff to your kids, or your niece, or that nice young man that delivers your morning paper into the birdbath. Almost as bad, Mr. Tell 'Em is peddling mediocrity, hell, slackerism as the pinnacle of pop culture. Soulja Boy's rap is a mumbling, barely coherent delivery, or as we in the know like to call it, flow... yet, his songs routinely lodge in iTunes top ten singles for weeks on end. I remember cranking "All Eyez on Me" in college and my roommate saying Tupac was a talentless thug. Well if that roommate were to flip the radio to the pop or urban station and run across SB's "Love Me Through the Phone," he'd suddenly feel very warm and sentimental for the days when Pac still ruled the charts and breathed air. Say I'm too old to get SB, that's probably a somewhat fair assumption... but even many young rap critics agree that Soulja Boy is a hack and that the current mainstream hip-hop scene is, by and large, soulless and pathetic...a parody of itself. Hmmm, reminds me of another genre. SB is symbolic of the genre's demise. Downloading isn't what's hurting rap sales; it's garbage sold as gold. A turd's a turd no matter how nicely you package it. Time to flush Soulja Boy. Or at least deliver him a violent sack punch.

Update: After writing this, I read that Soulja Boy said he was sorry for using vulgar language and that he would try to be more of a role model. Good for him, but for past wrongs and current bad artistry, the sack punch is still in order.

Apr 11, 2009

News, Notes and 2 Youtube Gems

• Wednesday and Thursday were the two largest hit-days in Photocrap or Farce the Music's 8 month history. Thanks to you for the visits and to the 9513 for the links! As thanks, my next country honest album cover day - possibly next Friday - will be an extra large set.

• Farewell to Nashville Narc! I'm not a huge gossip follower, but Narc provided a lot of great country news and commentary too. And a lot of inspiration for my blog posts!

• Happy Easter to those of us and you who celebrate it!

And on a more somber note, a Steve Earle classic:

And on a funnier note:


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