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Jun 19, 2012

You're Not a Real Country Singer 2

if you have to tell me how country you are -Andrew Lacy

if your jeans are tighter than Eugene Krabs' wallet.

if you wear Axe Body Spray -Cameron Gott

if you are Jason Aldean -Ian Donnelly

if most of your songs are really hard to play on Guitar Hero.

if you wear $400 designer jeans with designs and flaps on the back pockets -Blake Olson

if you use Autotune -Michael Wren

if you've never toured in a van.

if you cover Hinder -Cameron Gott

if you used to look like this:

But now look like this:

...if you don't have a song about murder - @CashFan90

if you wear Affliction, but haven't had any afflictions

if you don't know the lyrics of "Heartaches by the Number" -@TheBenimal

if one of yours songs has been used as a UFC entrance theme.

if you feel a constant need to tell people you're an outlaw -@10lbhammerbp

if you only cover rap and pop songs in concert.

if the only barbed wire that's ever touched your skin is embedded on your bicep.


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