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Jul 27, 2017

Anchorman: Country Reaction Gifs 2

When you hear the number 1 country song

Alex Trabek: "A respected country singer who once went pre bro-country with the song "Summer's Comin'."
You: "Who is Clint...

Country radio program directors' meeting

When you insult a rockabilly band...

Chris Stapleton's not playing your city.

What do you think of the Bobby Bones Show?

Tyler Childers' new album comes out next week!

When you say you haven't heard "Body Like a Back Road"
and somebody plays it for you...

Mar 16, 2017

Anchorman Country Reaction Gifs

Luke Bryan sucks

Describe Hank III's metal music in two words

Garth Brooks is better than George Strait

 Did you really mean it when you said you think you're better 
than people who listen to Florida-Georgia Line?

When your whole crew scores tickets to Stapleton

When you agree to listen to a country DJ's 
Soundcloud page, because it's different...

...Listen to Shinyribs!

When the person eating lunch with you says 
"It's just music. Why do you get so serious?"


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