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Mar 3, 2022

Andy Griffith Show Country Reaction Gifs 2

Warren Zeiders, you may not even have an album out yet, but

What would you do if everybody in the world was a Walker Hayes fan?

When the DJ on the mainstream station says more country is coming up, but it never comes up

When you catch your kid listening to Luke Bryan

When somebody explains to me how copying pop trends from three years ago is country music evolving

Maybe the men get better looking at closing time too

Minding my business in a waiting room when somebody's Florida-Georgia Line ringtone goes off

Sep 26, 2018

What a Sad Story in the Rolling Stone Today

by Kevin Broughton

Life ain’t fair, especially when it comes to music. There certainly seems to be no cosmic justice. Duane Allman? Taken from us in a motorcycle wreck at the tender age of 24. Hendrix? Found dead in a bathtub – granted, likely by his own hand – at 27. Yet Michael Jackson used little boys as nighttime playthings, bought their parents’ silence and was allowed to draw breath till the age of 50. 

And this week brings yet another reminder. No-talent hacks like Luke Bryan, Kane Brown and…I forget his name, but that dude who held forth in Rolling Stone about the need for stricter gun laws? Who is he? Who cares; he’s a douchebag like everybody else in mainstream country, and millions of morons listen to him and all the rest of them, perpetuating the slow death march of a once-great genre. Those losers and their fans collectively wallow in all that brainless tripe, but we can’t have Charlie Robison anymore? 

Charlie’s not dead, but he’s through recording and touring, thanks to “complications from surgery.” Still around, and one hopes still writing. But it sure feels like a funeral. 

It’s as unfair as a rich woman wearing “ten years worth of work on her hand.”

Here’s Charlie at Antone’s, doing “Loving County.” I miss him already. 

Sep 25, 2018

Breaking Charlie Robison News!

If you don't get it.....

Thanks for the music, Charlie! Enjoy your vacation!


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