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Apr 21, 2022

Jim Carrey Country Reaction Gifs

What people who started liking Morgan Wallen after 'the incident' look like to me

When somebody at the party puts on some Turnpike

🎵 Got it goin' on like Donkey Kong 🎵

Carrie Underwood fans when they see a non-superlative opinion about her latest song

"People said Waylon and Willie weren't country in the 70s"

Chad Russell or Thomas Jordan or Dylan Hardy has the number 1 country song this week?

You're the one person who liked Billy Currington's last album?

Don't mind me, just listening to the new Kaitlin Butts album again

When it took you 42 years to get the twist in "He Stopped Loving Her Today"


Aug 10, 2020

More Monday Memes: Luke Bryan, Jerrod Niemann, Kane Brown

(Note: This meme is not making fun of Upchurch's teeth ...
I was going to use Dumb & Dumber regardless; it just kinda worked out this way)

Aug 3, 2016

Dumb and Dumber Country Reaction Gifs

When your friend says you should check out 
this new Sam Hunt song

 After your girlfriend says she doesn't get 
your obsession with Waylon Jennings

Hey man, I think Luke Bryan sucks too

 Talking to your old high school friend who 
thinks Kelsea Ballerini is better than Reba

So, how's that new Lori McKenna album?

When the radio station follows a Strait song 
with a Chris Lane song...

Which one of you dumbasses played "Dirt Road Anthem" 
on the jukebox?

What would be the first thing you'd ask at a party
where Florida-Georgia Line was playing?


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