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Jul 16, 2018

New(ish) Video / Kendell Marvel / "Heartache Off My Back"

So it's not really new, but I didn't know about it...
From Kendell's excellent 2017 album Lowdown & Lonesome.

Apr 6, 2018

Top 10 Biggest Country Singer/Songwriter Jerks

Some would imagine that relatively under-the-radar country singer/songwriters would not be as likely to be divas and d-bags as the ultra-hyped superstars. However, this is not to be. 
Here are some of the most egregious offenders.

10. Brandy Clark
Keeps "Draw 4" up sleeve when playing Uno
Tour rider requires Koolaid pickles, a Creed prayer candle, and 5 bottles of Olde English

9. Ed Hill
Thinks Farce the Music is hilarious
Actual crisis actor

8. Mac McAnally
Thinks Soulja Boy is better than 2Pac
Donates to charities promoting homelessness

7. Josh Grider
Does not tell someone if they have a booger
Hobby: Martin Shkreli fan fiction

6. Gretchen Peters
Has been kicked off multiple flights for fighting and drunkenness
Personally puts tiny scratch on each vinyl album ordered through her website

5. Will Hoge
Wears awkwardly short shorts to co-writing sessions
Default font on all emails? comic sans

4. Lori McKenna
Performs thorough and morally judgmental background check on co-writers
2 can a day Copenhagen habit
Wears big hats to church and sits in front of short people

3. Travis Meadows
Spreads nasty rumors about Whiskey Jack's hygiene
Argues with cashiers over expired coupons
Changes Alan Jackson online set lists and Wikipedia page to say AJ covers Lil Wayne, Future

2. Mandy Barnett
Writes "Nice" on page 69 of every library book she checks out
Coughs on buffets
Still wears a bluetooth earpiece

1. Kendell Marvel
Refused shot, gave 73 people flu this year
Secretly writes bro-country songs under pen name Chris DeStefano
Doesn't refill the Keurig
Claims world's largest laserdisc porn collection

Dec 27, 2016

Kendell Marvel Performs "Startin' With Me"

Here's a name you'll hear a lot more of in 2017. Kendell Marvel is a singer-songwriter who's written or co-written a lot of songs you've probably heard (Strait's "Twang," Jamey Johnson's "That Lonesome Song," Gary Allan's "Right Where I Need to Be"), including the one below - one of Jake Owen's best cuts. He's got an album coming in 2017, and his sound is right there in the sweet spot for fans of Stapleton, Ronnie Dunn, Cody Jinks, and Jamey Johnson.

Jul 15, 2016

Chris Stapleton Performs "Hard Living"

"Hard Living" is a new song Chris Stapleton has been performing live this year. It's written by our Twitter pal, Kendell Marvel. Hope it makes the next album!


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