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Jun 21, 2022

Top 10 Ways Hick-Hop Fans Are Saving Money During This Inflation


10. Citrus Drop instead of Mountain Dew for the baby’s bottle

9. Generic illegal prescription pills

8. Only going mudding four times a month

7. Turning their underwear inside out after a couple days for a few more days of wear

6. Building up tolerance to taste of unleaded so they can syphon more

5. Making their own t-shirts at home

4. Stealing mufflers AND catalytic converters

3. Just letting the herpes fester; it ain’t going away anyway

2. Cutting their meth with 10% more baking soda
(it’s good for your teeth!)

1. Leaving Cousin Grandpa in jail this time instead of bailing him out

May 6, 2016

9 Signs You're the Bro-Country Fan of Your Friend Group

1. You don't understand any of the jokes your friends tell that don't involve dicks.

2. You tag along at parties where people discuss politics and pop culture, 
but you'd rather be drunk in a trailer park somewhere.

3. You dress and behave inappropriately at baby showers and weddings.

4. Things never end well when your friends let you pick the music in the car.

5. You always ruin the group photos.

6. Nobody ever goes with you to concerts, so you drink a lot at shows.

7. While everybody else is drinking wine and craft beer…

8. Your friends are always making fun of your tattoo.

9. But at least you get to enjoy your music in your own ride.


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