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Jun 21, 2022

Top 10 Ways Hick-Hop Fans Are Saving Money During This Inflation


10. Citrus Drop instead of Mountain Dew for the baby’s bottle

9. Generic illegal prescription pills

8. Only going mudding four times a month

7. Turning their underwear inside out after a couple days for a few more days of wear

6. Building up tolerance to taste of unleaded so they can syphon more

5. Making their own t-shirts at home

4. Stealing mufflers AND catalytic converters

3. Just letting the herpes fester; it ain’t going away anyway

2. Cutting their meth with 10% more baking soda
(it’s good for your teeth!)

1. Leaving Cousin Grandpa in jail this time instead of bailing him out

Jan 15, 2020

Top 10 Potential Names for New Hick-Hop Acts

10. Plenty of Felonz

9. Porter Swaggoner

8. Dem Konfedurissy Boyz

7. Travis Trill

6. Stormfront Husslaz

5. Incel Muddaz

4. Girth Brukz

3. The David Duke Boyz

2. Johnny Trash and the Men in White

1. Some Guys Who Got Fired from Kwik Lube for Selling Pills

Sep 8, 2017

Samuel L. Jackson Country Reaction Gifs

When you introduce your friend to Tyler Childers' music...

What do you think about FGL using religious
terms and concepts in their songs lately?

Do you think Jason Isbell has any chance of
winning a CMA award?

When your friend only listens to mainstream country radio

Should I listen to Kelsea Ballerini?

How can I tell if I'm looking at Mikel Knight?

Waiiiitttt... did you.. nah. Did you really
just say Miranda Lambert is a has been?

When this party starts playing Jawga Boyz


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