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Sep 28, 2017

Midland: Their Back Story

I'm not sure who started this hashtag #midlandbackstory. JD (@windfarmtx) had the first tweet with it included that I can find, but I imagine it grew out of all the trash talking between him and Charlie Stout and Chris King about the group. Regardless of how it began, it's Twitter gold… even if you like Midland. 

Apr 26, 2017

Hashtag Games: #smellycountrymusic

Did another "hashtag game" on Twitter yesterday and here are the results. 
The theme was #smellycountrymusic
I came up with most of them this time around, so it's clear I have the mind of a twelve year old.

Thomas Retch

"Head Over Poots" by Jon Farti

"Wanna Be That Pong"

"Your Cheatin' Fart" @JVsFillnStation

"Body Odor Like a Back Road"

"I Fall in Feces"

"Stinkin' Problem" (Midland) @countrymindblog

"Fulsome Prison Blues"

"Too Much Funk" (Daryle Singletary)

Pollute Bryan

"Does Right Guard Ever Cross Your Mind?"

"Mama's Broken Fart" @gradywsmith

Stank Williams Jr.

"On the Commode Again"

Reba Burning-Tire @dgoble83

"Blame it on Your Shart"

Jason Piss-smell

"Craps That Burn" (Thomas Rhett) @DHWritesCountry

"Dirt Road Diarrhea"

"My Shoes Keep Smelling Up The House" (Ray Price) @mattbrucker20

Rascal Flatulence

"Turds All the Way Down" (Sturgill) @Dennis_Petee

"Don't You Think This Outhouse Stench Has Done Got Out of Hand"

"Baby's Got Her Blue Waffle On"* @ohbuffalo
*FTM is not responsible for eyesight ruined or jobs lost due to Google searching this; just don't.*

"Turd Load Anthem"

"Some Girls Poo" (Sawyer Brown) @andythedrifter

Yucky Covington

"Redneck Crotch Club"

Aug 17, 2016

Hashtag Games: #wrestlingcountrysongs

WWF "Country Singer" Jeff Jarrett performs "With My Baby Tonight"
 Hashtag Games: #WrestlingCountrySongs

Thanks to our Twitter friends for helping out with this "hashtag game," combining wrestling-related stuff with country song titles. As you will see, @toomuchcountry had a lot of fun with this.

Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Luchadors

Take This Foot and Shove It (Up Your Candy Ass)

Feed Jake the Snake - @straitshooter13

Hello Walls of Jericho

All My Rowdy Friends Are Having a Cage Match Tonight

♫ Solie, Solie, Solie, Solieeeee / Please don't pin him just because you can ♫ - @toomuchcountry

Stand By Your McMahon  - @DHWritesCountry

Seven Spanish Announce Tables

Chill of an Early Fall Brawl

Will the Squared Circle Be Unbroken - @toomuchcountry

A Boy Named Shinsuke

Rated "DX"

Goodbye Earl Hebner

There Ought to Be a Lawler (by Billy "Smash Craddock) - @toomuchcountry

The Stone Cold Hard Truth

Sea of Heartbreak Kid - @Bocephus50

Smoky Mountain Reigns

Punjabi Prison Blues

Honky Tonk Man (no change)

Diamond Dallas Rings & Old Barstools - @toomuchcountry

She Thinks His Name Was John Cena

Bigger Than Breezango

Save A Horseman by Big and Tommy Rich - @toomuchcountry

Shawn Michaels Lost His Smile

Starrcades Over Texas

Cross Rhodes Anthem

Might As Well Get Stone Cold Steve Austin - @DHWritesCountry

Mississippi Moonsault

Whiskey Bent and Hell's Gate

Andre From Montgomery - @toomuchcountry

Kurt Angles Among Us

If We Make It Through December to Dismember

Stand By Your Mankind - @peliti27

Are You Sure Hulk Done It This Way?

Apr 6, 2016

Hashtag Games: #fatcountrysongs

We had a hashtag game (don't know why they're called games - they're more like humorous brainstorming sessions, but whatever) yesterday on Twitter for #fatcountrysongs - and here are some of the best responses from our Twitter pals, and some I came up with myself. I came up with whole separate categories for Rascal Flatts and Garth Brooks.


Burger King of the Road

Ready Set Rolls

Onion Rings (George and Tammy)

My Churches

Two Kolache Home (Mark Chesnutt)

Where Corndogs Grow

Burger on Music Row

Ain't No Gravy

Country Girl (Bake it For Me)

Diabetes Man (Thomas Rhett)

Every Light in Waffle House is On

Hungry All the Time

Dairy Queen of My Doublewide Trailer

"Just Lettin' The Neck Roll" -Justin Moore  @WinstonWilson25


Life is a Subway
Let It Roast
Bless the Broken Bread
Prayin' for Vegemite
My Dish
I Melt (Velveeta on Everything)
Food Trucks and Freedom
Me and My Meringue


Callin' Dominos
Wraps Up in Me
People Loving Cheetos
Two Chicken Marinaras
Too Overweight, Sittin' at Waffle House
The Dinner Rolls
If Sbarro Never Comes
Friends at Bojangles


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