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Sep 7, 2023

Modern Family Country Reaction Gifs

Tell me what you think of Sam Hunt's music

Name one thing you'd rather listen to than Walker Hayes

When Jason Aldean said "I haven't read a book since high school"

Mood of a Zach Bryan fan before they even check their social media

When you see a chick walking toward a pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive with a bat, keys, and a knife in her hands

Morgan Wallen remembering three weeks ago when he had hair

What's your favorite bro-country song?

When she (or he in this case) says "Turnpike and chill?"

"Hey, Luke Bryan has a Vegas residency!"

Jay or Jeff?

May 25, 2023

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs #71

When you're out of money and somebody launches a Wallen marathon on the jukebox

When someone is wearing a Waylon t-shirt and can't name three of his songs

Please review the new Paul Cauthen song

Waiting on the country concert to start and they play Spice Girls pre-show music

When your drunk buddy gets into a Son Volt vs Wilco argument at the festival

When Shooter Jennings talked to you on Twitter one time and you see him win a Grammy

Ready for that new Turnpike album?

One second into Parmalee's new song 

When your brother says "don't hit me but I kinda like Florida-Georgia Line"

May 10, 2023

Donnie Darko Country Reaction Gifs

*1 dirty word*

When your friend takes too many 
shrooms at the Billy Strings show

When you sneak into the country radio conference and get on a mic and sing "Murder on Music Row"

And then...

When you tear up another kid's Morgan Wallen painting in art class

Still waiting on someone to convince me Dan + Shay are country

When you're in a cheerful mood, then Lori McKenna comes on in your shuffle

Your kid after overhearing you listening to Wheeler Walker Jr.

When you meet the one other guy in your hometown who's into Son Volt and Uncle Tupelo

When a demonic bunny rabbit asks you to put on some Martina McBride and you comply

Feb 11, 2023

Mixed Music Action, Vol. 2, No. 1


By Jeremy Pinnell & Kevin Broughton

Welcome to the second year of periodic installments of “Mixed Music Action,” a Farce The Music Production. This week, Jeremy and Kevin ponder the question: “What do you say to Dana White’s wife if you see she has two black eyes?”

(Spoiler: “Nothing. Dana’s already told her twice.”)

Actually, they talk about other stuff, too. Read on.

Happy New year, pal. Before we look ahead to a new season of UFC pay-per-views, I think the last half of 2022 merits a look back; belts changed hands in three weight divisions where champs looked to have those straps on lockdown. In August, Leon "Rocky" Edwards won welterweight gold in perhaps the greatest Cinderella finish in UFC history.

In October, Islam Makhachev was scary good against lightweight king Charles Oliveira, making it look easy against the dude who had cleaned out the 155 division. And in November, middleweight champ Israel Adesanya was stopped by punches from Alex Pereira in the final round. 

Two of these bouts (Usman/Edwards and Adesanya/Pereira) are already scheduled for title rematches. On paper, it looks like Kamaru Usman is most likely to get his belt back. Pereira seems more likely -- to me, anyway -- to retain the 185 title; he's a bad man. 

Your thoughts on how long these new champs might reign?

A lot did happen, and honestly, I’m not super excited. I think you’re right, unfortunately. I’d like to see Edwards keep the belt because Usman is such a bore. I also think Periera will win but that fight was close until the last round. Could be interesting. It’s exciting to think who could take out Makhachev. He made light work out of Oliveira

And oh, by the way, we've got ourselves a superfight this weekend. The aforementioned Makhachev will put his lightweight belt on the line against featherweight champ Alex Volkanovski, currently ranked as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Islam is a considerable favorite, but he's going up against one of the most well-rounded fighters in the game. What's your analysis of this bout, and how do you see it ending?

I don’t know man, Volk pieced Max Holloway up and it was super impressive. He was on a different level. The size difference is pretty crazy between Volk and Makhachev. I could see Islam taking it in the second or third round. His wrestling is another level. I’m actually excited about this fight; I have been for a while.

I think Alex hangs around early, but Islam finishes him in the third.

Something kind of odd about this fight: There's been relatively little noise, promotion-wise. If you look on social media, sports sites, Youtube, etc., it's been pretty quiet. Islam actually wondered aloud why the UFC didn't send him and Volk on a worldwide publicity tour, and I think he has a fair point. Seems like Zuffa (UFC's parent company) has spent more time and money promoting Dana White's "power slap league." Do you think this is because Dana White himself is focused on winning that promotion's Co-ed Championship?

Honestly, let’s just get to it: Power Slap is a fucking joke and makes the UFC look cheap. What a bad move! I blocked PS on my social media and then they start pushing it on the UFC page, and so I dig into the comments and it’s getting so much hate. People think it’s the worst. What a bad move on Dana’s and the UFC’s part. I feel sorry for those idiots, just standing there slapping each other. What a waste of existence. They’re so much in the fight game, so many stories, and they took a fucking dump on all of it with that dumb ass shit. Fuck, it makes me mad.

Got it. I’ll put you down as “undecided.”

Bold prediction by me: By the end of 2023, Islam Makhachev holds both the lightweight and welterweight titles. Am I crazy?

You’re not crazy, it seems totally legit. If you’re right, then you can buy me dinner. You’re welcome.

Let's hop in the musical way-back machine and visit one of the more confounding bands in country music, Son Volt. A decade ago, they (well, it's Jay Farrar & whichever musicians he's assembled) released Honky Tonk, which I consider second only to the groundbreaking, revolutionary Trace. I mean, is there a better waltz with double fiddles than "Hearts and Minds?"

Farrar can be all over the map, album to album; a few are timeless classics, while others leave me scratching my head. 

What are your thoughts on Son Volt overall, and how big is their impact on country music from your perspective?

Jay was one of my original influences more than 25 years ago. I was a big fan of Uncle Tupelo and leaned more towards Jay rather than Jeff. I never was a huge Wilco fan. Jay always kept with a more traditional sound -- which I liked -- and Jeff was making noise or whatever he was doing. Trace is one of my favorite records. Haven’t really listened to Honky Tonk too much because by the time that came out there were so many better country records to come, out and it almost seemed a little late. Don’t hate. You asked.

Clown. At least you know Son Volt is far superior to Wilco.

Turning our attention to Jeremy, your tour dates page shows a gradual start to 2023's road work. Should fans expect to see the schedule fill up pretty soon? And does a light tour schedule correspond to an increased jiu-jitsu workload? 

You know what, I’m gonna take it easy this year and do what I want only. Sometimes you find yourself hitting the pavement and it doesn’t feel good. I did, however, sign up for my first Jiu Jitsu tournament in March. So, I’m getting to class more because I don’t want to go get beat up. I will dominate. I think we’ll be heading to Texas at some point and a few other things but that’s about it for now.

Jeremy Pinnell, right, with instructor Blayne Hodges

Aight, stud. Choke somebody’s ass out in March. Talk soon.

Oct 19, 2017

Freddy & Jason Country Reaction Gifs

When your Americana band's new
guitarist used to be in a hair metal group

Kane Brown has a #1 song???

I've accidentally broken 2 Cody CDs.
I guess you could say I'm a ....Jinks

The hardest thing to do when
listening to Lady Antebellum

When partying at the lake ain't all beer
and babes like FGL taught you...

When Mr. Vorhees finds a pile of
Sam Hunt CDs

When Mr. Vorhees walks by some
kids cranking hick-hop

Jeff Tweedy! No, Jay Farrar!!


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